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PS4 Games with HDR Support: The Full List

Got yourself a 4K TV? Here are all the PS4 HDR compatible games in one easy list.

Do you like your whites to be just a bit whiter (but not at all in a racist way)? Then you, my friend, will enjoy what HDR on the PS4 Pro has for you.

The middling console revolution has arrived to a triumphant “cool, I guess” with 4K support coming to Xbox One and PS4, that is if you’re willing to make a mid-term upgrade. The Xbox One S and PS4 Pro are now out in the wild and offer 4K(ish) resolutions and HDR support.


With your new, slightly shinier system, you will need a 4K TV that can also handle HDR, or else the whole thing’s a bit pointless, really. After stumbling around Amazon for the set you need, you will be able to experience high-dynamic-range for your HDR compatible PS4 Pro.

So, what is HDR? Subtle differences in visual quality, such as more complex primary colours that are better defined and designed to be more realistic. It’s been around in photography for a while now; you may have even been able to use it on your smartphone. But with its adoption in gaming, don’t be surprised to see it become the norm before too long.

PS4 pro HDR
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The amount of PS4 games that support HDR isn’t exactly a list that will go on for pages and pages, but it’s a good start. There will be more to come in the future, so we will add to this list below as they’re revealed. It seems to more of AAA thing currently; there aren’t that many indie games making the step up.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Elder Scrolls Online
Final Fantasy XV
Hustle Kings
Infamous First Light
Infamous Second Son
The Last Guardian
The Last of Us: Remastered
The Last of Us: Left Behind
Mantis Burn Racing
NBA 2K17
Ratchet & Clank
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
The Witness
World of Tanks
Resident Evil 7
Hitman (coming soon)
Gran Turismo Sport (coming soon)
Horizon Zero Dawn
Gravity Rush 2
Days Gone (coming soon)
Death Stranding (coming soon)
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Here They Lie
Fallout 4
No Man’s Sky
Homefront: The Revolution
NieR: Automata
MLB The Show 17
Skyforge (coming soon)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (coming soon)
The Surge (coming soon)
WipeOut Omega Collection
Middle-earth: Shadow of War (coming soon)
Agents of Mayhem (coming soon)
Madden 18
F1 2017 (coming soon)
Destiny 2 (coming soon)
Battlefield 1
Everybody’s Golf

Destiny 2
Injustice 2

The PS4 Pro is out now and is available in bundles on Amazon for relatively good prices. If you’re searching for a good 4K TV to go with it, you can’t do much better than the Sony XBR49X800D 49-Inch 4K without making your bank hate you. Looking to get a little bit more out of your PS4? Find out if PlayStation Now is worth it.

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