26 Best PS4 Open World Games You Should Play

Looking for the best PS4 open world games? We have you covered with our list featuring GTA, Horizon, and more.

Source: Polygon

This generation of gaming has really given players more freedom than ever before. While it’s true that not all games should go down the open world route (Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, anyone?), it makes a lot of sense for franchises to adopt a more expansive experience. With Sony dominating the market, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is not shortage for the best PS4 open world games.

Below you’ll find our picks for some of the platform’s most inviting open worlds for those who just want to go an adventure, perform some bank heists, or blow up some cows. The demand doesn’t look like it’s going away for them for a long time as long as the likes of Rockstar and Ubisoft keep building playgrounds for players to become lost in.

Quick qualifiers: the list below only includes one entry per franchise, which means that the likes of Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed will have a sole representative. What do you think we’re missing? Want something more general? We have a list of the best open world games overall that may suit you.


The Best PS4 Open World Games

26. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2
Source: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

Released almost as an apology to the first game promising much and delivering little, Watch Dogs 2 brightens the colour palette and decides to have some fun. A vibrant and polished world awaits, one in which you can yo-yo people to death and even swat a gamer during a mission.

While its attempts to be edgy and cool are cringeworthy at best, Watch Dogs 2 is a definite upgrade on the dreary greyness of Aiden and one of the best PS4 open world games as a result. It’s not the most “artful” of games on this list, but if you have nothing to play and feel like playing hacker for a while, it’s a good bet.

From our Watch Dogs 2 review:

“A solid game that is worth dipping in and out of. With an interesting storyline and rich game world, it offers a new and unique style of play that we haven’t seen very often.”


25. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V Quiet

Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami

While there could be an argument made that Kojima didn’t really need to dump Snake into an open world, The Phantom Pain offers the best gameplay in the franchise (seemingly at the expense of the story) by allowing you to get up to all manner of nonsense. If you didn’t know that you needed to try and slide down a hill while inside a cardboard box in your PS4 open world games, you do now.

The areas are certainly destitute, but that just really gives Snake ample opportunity to sneak his way through to glory, or just go in all guns blazing before attaching a balloon to enemies and watch as they fly away. The Phantom Pain is barmy in all the right ways and decent way for Kojima to sign off from the franchise, though the missing content and weak story does hurt it considerably.


24. No Man’s Sky

No man's Sky next

Developer: Hello Games
Publisher: Hello Games/505 Games

A few year years ago, No Man’s Sky would probably not have deserved a spot on this list. One of the most controversial games of this generation, all looked lost for Hello Games following wave after wave of backlash for missing content and not being all it was made out to be.

With the release of Next and many great (also) free expansions since then, Hello Games are making amends. Featuring multiplayer and a host of welcome changes and tweaks, No Man’s Sky is now the game it was meant to be — and Hello Games ain’t finished with it yet. Explore the great unknown at your leisure or with friends in one of gaming’s true redemption stories.


23. InFamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son
Source: mattbrett.com

Developer: Sucker Punch
Publisher: SIE

Poor Second Son. Released at a time when Sony didn’t really know what they were quite doing with their line-up of exclusives, the third mainline inFamous entry was burdened with gimmicks to show off the DualShock 4, as well as featuring a supremely unlikable protagonist in Delsin Rowe.

However, while most open world games seem to have forgotten this generation that being a superhero is fun as heck, Second Son shone brightly as a good excuse to leap around a mayhem and cause destruction. Second Son is not without its flaws, sure, but it’s still a bunch of fun if you approach it with an open mind. Now, if only inFamous 4 was in the works and Cole could somehow also be brought back…


22. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3
Image source: Xbox Store

Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix

Listen, you want nuance? Something with depth? A game that isn’t the equivalent of bombing down several cans of Red Bull and jumping on a bouncy castle? Look somewhere else because Just Cause 3 knows exactly what it is and that is a whale of a time without a need to engage your brain at almost any time.

From rappelling up to a helicopter and commandeering it for yourself to severely mistreating some cows, Just Cause 3 affords the kind of freedom that you would expect from one of the best PS4 open world games. There’s a story here, something about a dictatorship, but who cares when you can just wingsuit away and kill a small army all on your lonesome?


21. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor

Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix

The best game of 2014 in the eyes of many (though the competition was not exactly great), Shadow of Mordor became an exception to the rule of licensed games being complete ass. It may have something to do with it going on its own path into taking Tolkien’s lore and allowing you to became the Master of Orcs. Just a feeling.

Featuring Arkham-esque combat, a large region to explore, and the pioneering Nemesis system, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is the perfect way to spend your weekend, hacking and slashing through hordes of Saruman’s army. Its sequel, Shadow of War, is not bad either, but Mordor is a leaner and more fun ride overall — sometimes less is more, as the saying goes.


20. Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

Wildlands isn’t really a Ghost Recon game, but just like Siege isn’t really a Rainbox Six game, that might not be a bad thing. Bolivia is yours to discover either on your own with friends, though there isn’t quite as much satisfaction to be had from griefing AI as there is your mates.

Like most of Ubisoft’s open world games, there’s a story but you can just ignore that as quickly as you like. Instead, you’re here to cause mayhem, like a slightly more tempered Just Cause game. Teamwork is also supposed to be key in Wildlands, but again: who wants to bother with such trivial nonsense when you can incessantly run your friends over?


19. Assassin’s Creed V: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

Your money might be on Origins for as the AC pick for our list of the best PS4 open world games, but does Origins allow you to fully realise your dreams of being a pirate? Not quite, which is why Black Flag gets the nod here as well as just being an all-round fun time.

Released just before Assassin’s Creed fatigue set in, Black Flag bridged the gap between this generation and the last admirably, showcasing some very beautiful seas and a scale that most games could only dream of. It’s also surprisingly deep game with an underrated protagonist, so be sure to set sail for this one if you somehow haven’t already.


18. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

While it may not be as colourful as its predecessor instead opting for an altogether darker palette in colour and mood, Far Cry 5 makes the cut here as one of the best PS4 open world games as it does away with some of the franchise’s biggest irritants. The radio towers are no more, which means that if you can see it in Far Cry 5, you can visit it.

By bringing the action to more familiar surroundings in the United States, the game could have lost its mojo. Instead, by throwing a nutty cult into the mix, an impressive Arcade mode, and more fishing than you could ever need, it’s one of the best open world games on PS4.

From our Far Cry 5 review:

“The gunplay is as meaty and satisfying as it’s always been and the promotion of exploration has never been more keenly felt — anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Far Cry game will likely feel right at home here.”


17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim remaster
Source: www.rehwolution.it

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda

It’s Skyrim. You know about it, we know about it, hell, even your grandparents know about it. Available on more platforms than there are planets, Skyrim was given a fresh lick of paint and re-released on PS4 as its Special Edition with the magic of it all still being present, albeit if a little ropey around its edges.

It’s easy to see how people spend hundreds of hours in Skyrim as there’s just so much to see and do, even when you think you’ve seen it all. With its introduction to the new generation of consoles, Skyrim also began to support mods. While there is nowhere near the scale of mods available when compared to its PC version, there are still more than enough for you to squeeze even more hours out of this classic as one of the best PS4 open world games around, even if it’s all a bit familiar.


16. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

sleeping dogs game
Source: alphacoders.com

Developer: United Front Games
Publisher: Square Enix

Quite possibly the most underrated open world games of all-time, Sleeping Dogs never received the attention it deserved in the last generation — a simple GTA clone it was not. With it arriving on PS4, unfamiliar players were able to find out why it had become such a cult favourite, which should be evident after you kick someone in the face for the fifth time.

You play as an undercover cop, but never mind that: there’s a vibrant Honk Kong area to explore. Initially a True Crime game, Sleeping Dogs embraces the good cop/bad cop routine, meaning that you don’t have to always follow the thin blue line as Wei Shen. With it now being perennially available for a crazily low price, you ought to pick up Sleeping Dogs to hopefully inspire Square Enix to commission a sequel. We can dream.


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