About Our Review Scores

abacus for review scores

Whether you love them or loathe them, a lot of discussion online is generated by a number associated with a review that summarises the reviewer’s thoughts. It causes debate like little else can, with many calling for publications to cease using them altogether.

Here are the positives and negatives surrounding review scores from our experiences:

– Good for SEO (in theory)
– Creates conversation
– Provides a quick overview for readers who don’t have time to spend

– Arguably oversimplifies the reviewing process
– Causes backlash over differences in opinion
– Sometimes means that readers skim the review and only notice the score

Cultured Vultures has been enacting a system for a while now where we leave it up to the reviewer to decide whether they include a score or not.

It’s been split roughly 50/50. That’s why we’re going to keep scores optional.

We’re all about giving choice to the writer, which is why we never make anyone include a score they don’t want to. Their content, their verdict in whichever form they want to provide it in.

What’s your review scale?
We operate on an “out of 10” system with .5 decimals for “8.5” etc, just so that we can say that something we reviewed is close to the higher score, but not quite close enough. Don’t worry, we won’t ever publish an 8.9 or something stupid like that.

Here’s the way we work it out:

1. The absolute worst
2. Awful
3. Not good
4. Below average
5. Average
6. Alright
7. Good
8. Great
9. Amazing
10. Almost perfect

Nothing’s perfect.

What if I am interested in writing for you and want to include a score?
Send along less than thirty words with your thoughts and score at the bottom of your submission. Find out more on our write for us page.

Do you do affiliate marketing?
Yes, but only through Amazon. We earn a small percentage of money if you buy a product through an Amazon link you use on one of our reviews/articles. That being said, all reviews remain impartial, so whether the next big game/album/book gets a 1 or a 10, we will include a link.

Album reviews
Book reviews
Game reviews

We also try to include whether we are reviewing something provided by the publisher/PR people. However, our editor is a useless cretin, so if you don’t see it mentioned, just assume that it’s a review copy.

What if I disagree with the score a reviewer gives?
Erm, well, tough. It’s their opinion. Any hateful feedback won’t be tolerated. It’s as simple as that.

Any questions, email [email protected]