culture vulture
noun informal
a person who is very interested in the arts.

Nope. You don’t need any shiny qualifications or any of that nonsense to become a part of our team. All you need is a sincere passion for writing and an interest in anything related to the general content of us culture vultures lot.

We’re usually very open with what we accept for our submissions, so long as it’s coherent and not in a Mongolian language. Generally though, we suggest writing within these categories for a larger audience:

Culture news
Short Stories

We do not publish content surrounding recent deaths/tragedies out of respect to those concerned. Any content related to a sensitive story will be published a minimum of three days after the story breaks and will not be monetised with adverts.

We also don’t publish anything on Sundays. Vultures gotta rest.

PLEASE NOTE: We only publish one book/album review a day for variety’s sake, so there’s usually a queue.

Between 500 and 2000 words – anywhere in the middle is the most suitable for an online readership. Below 300 words is all good if it’s just a quick bit of news coverage.

We advise you to send everything in plain text in an email, so as to avoid compatibility issues with file types and the like. See the image below for clarification. If you do not follow these guidelines, we may not proceed with your submission.

Cultured Vultures submission

Nope! That’s all down to us so that we can stick to house rules and use license-free images.

We will need less than thirty words on yourself, any social links (Facebook, Twitter etc) and a photo to flesh out your author bio. We will publish without these, but it’s probably better to market yourself with just these few bits of information. Please don’t include links within your bio text as we can’t actually link out due to CMS restrictions.

See below for how your bio will look:

Jimmy Donnellan

It’s actually completely your choice as to whether or not you include a rating, but it is recommended. This means a short summary of your thoughts and a score out of 10 for the subject is mandatory if you do want to include one, however. Please see below.

Cultured Vultures review

We don’t own your work. No copyright, no binding nonsense. It is yours. We’re just here to host it.

Once/if you leave Cultured Vultures, you can ask for us to remove your work so it can be published elsewhere. Likewise, if you don’t like something you’ve written in the past, we can remove it at your request.

The only thing we ask is that you do not publish the same content elsewhere while a version still resides on our site. That’s it.

We aren’t the biggest website in the world, so we pay you what we realistically can.

Current rates:

New writers – 75p/¢ per every 300 pageviews accumulated on your articles during its first week of publishing between Sunday and Saturday.

Senior writers (5+ published articles with us) – £/$1 per every 200 pageviews accumulated on your articles during its first week of publishing between Sunday and Saturday.

If your article gets recurring views, we will continue to send stats and make payment, though the “life expectancy” of most articles is roughly two days.

It’s worth bearing in mind that we were originally established as a resource for new writers to help with feedback and vital experience. This means that we are a niche, so we may never pull the same numbers as a BuzzFeed or Gawker. We make no guarantees that your article will be read enough for you to get paid. 

If your article doesn’t manage 200+ views, we can work with you to help build your social profile, show you how to write captivating content, and many other essential aspects of being a writer in the modern world. We’re a site for writers, by writers. Most of the money we make from AdSense will be going back to you.

Payments are made every Monday through PayPal. If your article doesn’t manage the required amount of views, no payment will be made. Google Analytics will be used as proof of total readership.

In addition, we are able to offer some of our more frequent contributors the opportunity to interview some big names in film, music, and more, as well as to provide training on online publishing platforms such as WordPress.

Finally, we like to attend many conventions and exhibitions, mainly throughout the U.K, and you could have the opportunity to attend as press.

Send the following info along to any of these fine people below:

– Your name and a bit about yourself.
– Your availability to contribute.
– A pitch/submission.
– The type of articles (news, lists, editorials, etc) you would like to write.

Editor-in-Chief: [email protected]

Vice-Editor & Music: [email protected]

Gaming: [email protected]

[email protected]

Books: [email protected]

Wrestling: [email protected]

Pop Culture: [email protected]

Prose: [email protected]

Our usual publishing time between receiving an article and it going live is 1-7 days, but this depends on certain factors.

We CANNOT republish content that is already on other websites, personal blogs included. Likewise, we ask that you let us know if you want to reproduce your piece elsewhere.

We also don’t do guest posts.

Find out more about becoming one of the Cultured Vultures on our about us page.