Writing for Cultured Vultures

Write for Cultured Vultures

culture vulture
noun informal
a person who is very interested in the arts.

“Do I need any experience?”

Nope. You don’t need any shiny qualifications or any of that nonsense to become a part of our team. All you need is a sincere passion for writing and an interest in anything related to the general content of us lot.

“What can I write about?”

We’re usually very open with what we accept for our submissions, so long as it’s coherent and not in a foreign language. Generally though, we suggest writing within these categories for a larger audience:


We do not publish content surrounding recent deaths/tragedies out of respect to those concerned. Any content related to a sensitive story will be published a minimum of three days after the story breaks and will not be monetised with adverts.

We also don’t publish anything on weekends or field emails. Vultures gotta rest.


“How long does my work need to be?”

Depends. We have a soft word limit of around 2000 words, which isn’t a mandate. We just recommend that if you go past 2000 words that you check if it’s actually adding to the piece. Longer doesn’t always mean better!

Here are some rough word counts we go by:

Opinion pieces: 750+ words, but closer to a thousand is usually better to get your point across adequately.
Reviews: varies. For instance, game reviews need to be 1000+ whereas film reviews can just be 500.


“Which file type should my submission be in?”

Ideally, you would send every submission through Google Docs so that we can give you feedback more smoothly. Using Docs also avoids any file format issues.

All you need to do is copy your Word/etc document into Google Docs and you should be good. Share it with us using the button in the top right and also give us editing access, and that’s it! You may need a Google account, however.

Some Word files will open directly in Docs for us, but this doesn’t seem to be wholesale. It’s always best to copy and paste into Docs for us.

If you don’t have access to Google Docs, we advise you to send everything in plain text in an email, so as to avoid compatibility issues with file types and the like.

Absolutely never send in a PDF. That’s crazy.

Our usual publishing time between receiving an article and it going live is 1-7 days, but this depends on certain factors.


“Do I need to send images?”

Nope! That’s all down to us so that we can stick to house rules and use license-free/press images.


“What do you need to know about me?”

We will need less than thirty words on yourself, Facebook and Twitter links, and a photo to flesh out your author bio. We will publish without these, but it’s probably better to market yourself with just these few bits of information. Please don’t include links within your bio text as we can’t actually link out due to CMS restrictions.


“How should I rate my reviews?”

A short summary of your thoughts and a score out of 10 is mandatory. Please see below.

Cultured Vultures review


“Your work and copyright”

We don’t own your work. No copyright, no binding nonsense. It is yours. We’re just here to host it.

Once/if you leave Cultured Vultures, you can ask for us to remove your work so it can be published elsewhere. Likewise, if you don’t like something you’ve written in the past, we can remove it at your request.

The only thing we ask is that you do not publish the same content elsewhere while a version still resides on our site. That’s it.


“Let’s talk money.”

We aren’t the biggest website in the world, so we pay you what we realistically can.

Flat rates:
– £2 for every article published.

Bonus rates:
– £2 per every 200 pageviews accumulated on your articles after it’s published up until the upcoming Sunday. 

What this means is that every article is guaranteed to earn at least £2 and then an additional £2 for every 200 views within the initial publishing window. If you publish multiple pieces within the same time period, views stack.

Example: your article is published on Friday and earns 200 views. You will then be paid £4 on Monday.

It’s worth bearing in mind that we were originally established as a resource for new writers to help with feedback and vital experience. This means that we are a niche, so we may never pull the same numbers as a BuzzFeed or Gawker.

There are no guarantees that your article(s) will hit the payment threshold, or that they will even perform well. If you are approaching CV with the view of receiving a regular, consistent income, please bear that in mind.

Stats are sent and invoices are requested every Monday through PayPal, which may take a small cut. No alternative payment methods are available. Google Analytics will be used as proof of total readership.


“So what kind of content gets the most views?”

Bear in mind that sometimes content that should get read by plenty of people simply doesn’t and the stuff that you wouldn’t expect to perform that well actually does. It’s, for a lack of a better phrase, often a lucky dip. There can be no guarantees.

However, we’ve seen the following kind of content perform fairly well on a consistent basis:

– Takes/opinions on current pop culture news and events.
– Timely reviews.
– Longer content (1000+ words).
– Informed and informative lists on contemporary media.

We will always try to tell you if your pitch is likely to receive views or not, but again: we might be wrong. It’s the unpredictable nature of creating content.


“Cool. Now where do I send everything?”

Send the following info along to any of these fine people and also Jimmy below:

– Your name and a bit about yourself.
– Your availability to contribute.
– A pitch/submission.
– The type of articles (lists, editorials, etc) you would like to write.

Be advised that the best way to reach one of us for submissions is to always CC in Jimmy ([email protected]) as he is available the most.

Business only: [email protected]

Editor-in-Chief (any general submission enquiries): [email protected]

Gaming: [email protected]

Wrestling: [email protected]

Film: [email protected]

TV: [email protected]

Books/prose: [email protected]

*Please send any general submissions/those without an assigned editor to Jimmy. Alternatively, you can also CC in Jimmy for a quicker response as he is always in the office. If you do not follow any of these guidelines, we may not proceed with your submission.

We CANNOT republish content that is already on other websites, personal blogs included. Likewise, we ask that you let us know if you want to reproduce your piece elsewhere, at which point we will have to remove your piece from the site.

We also don’t do guest posts.

Find out more about us on our, erm, about us page.