20 Best Cheap PS4 Games You Should Pick Up

Shopping on a budget or just want to add to your library? This collection of the best cheap PS4 games should help.

The Witcher 3

There’s something you should know. The PlayStation 4 is on its deathbed. Not because of anything nefarious — far from it. No, it’s simply down to the circle of life.

A console that’s half a decade old is sure to be usurped by a newer model soon, and with PS5 rumours speculating that we may see a reveal sometime in the near future, there’s now a good chance to pick up the best cheap PS4 games from the platform’s history.

Your mind may instantly wander to the recently announced PlayStation Hits for cheap PS4 games, but they’re actually a considerable markup when you can pick them up for far cheaper without the fancy label. If you’re shopping on a budget or simply want to skim through the PS4’s extensive library without breaking the bank, here’s what lies in store.

The prices below are correct at the time of writing and may fluctuate over time. We’ve included Amazon links, though you may be able to find better deals elsewhere.


The Best Cheap PS4 Games

1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Mankind Divided

Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Price range: $5/£5-£10/$15

Nobody’s favourite Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided launched to strong but not spectacular reviews and really seemed to struggle in the sales charts, owing to a weird lack of marketing and a less than kind launch window.

It’s a shame as while the experience is certainly on the short side and the ending seriously lacking, it’s sure to scratch an itch. It may be the last Deus Ex game we get for a long time, so be sure to pick it up. Its DLC is also fairly priced, too.



Doom 2016
Source: YouTube

Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda
Price range: $5/£5-£10/$15

One of the best FPS games of its generation (if not the best), DOOM 2016 brings the pain to the demons of Hell while also staying very true to what makes it a DOOM game. There’s no regenerating health or cover shooting, it’s just you, your boomstick and whatever toys you can find on the way. Despite what some might say, its multiplayer ain’t that bad either.

From our DOOM review:

“Doom was a revolution in 1993 and in 2016 it has emerged from development hell to pick up exactly where Id left off. It’s a masterful return to form and essential.”

Doom - PlayStation 4 [video game]
1,078 Reviews


3. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Developer: Respawn
Publisher: EA
Price range: $5/£5-£15/$20

The relatively low sales of Titanfall 2, not helped by EA sending it out to die, have contributed towards it having a huge markdown as early as 2017. If you’re yet to try out the best robot-parkour-shooter, you have a great chance with it now being regularly on sale, which also regularly includes its deluxe editions.

Its multiplayer is fantastic, but for once when it comes to FPS games, the campaign is the main attraction. If you’ve been playing the hell out of Apex Legends, maybe take a trip back as well.

From our Titanfall 2 review:

“At the risk of getting hyperbolic, it’s an incredible experience from the ground up that should be played by anyone who loves a first-person shooter with ambition and heart. It’s on another level to its predecessor and almost all of its rivals.”

Titanfall 2 - PlayStation 4
1,179 Reviews


4. Downwell


Developer: Moppin
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Price range: $1/£1-$3-£2

Based solely on first appearances, the low price of Downwell may seem justified. However, based on gameplay and how much you can get out of this challenging and addictive shooter, it’s actually a bargain.

While it’s probably best suited for portable gaming, Downwell’s pick up and play ethos makes it the perfect palette cleanser when you want to wean yourself off the heavy stuff, i.e. being disgraced by kids in Fortnite.

From our Downwell review:

“Pound-for-pound (or dollar-for-dollar), Downwell is one of the Switch’s best games in its price bracket and just generally one of the system’s best games, which applies to every system that Downwell has appeared on to date.”


5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V

Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
Price range: $5/£10-$20/15

While the verdict may be out on its story, one thing is agreed upon by almost everyone: The Phantom Pain has some fantastic gameplay. Whether it’s sliding down hills in a cardboard box or riding a horse to glory, you have dozens of hours of playtime to get through.

As TPP didn’t sell quite as much as Konami would have liked, it’s down to a snip and you can also get the Definitive Edition which includes Ground Zeroes for a little extra. Let’s not think about them using Metal Gear Online as a selling point even though it was already with The Phantom Pain, though.

From our TPP review:

“The Phantom Pain is a game that will be talked about years from now as the centerpiece for one of the greatest series’ across any media and as a Hideo Kojima game through and through.”


6. Destiny 2

Destiny 2
Source: USGamer

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Bungie
Price range: $10/£8-$20/£15

A lot of bad PR and a tonne of battle royale is the reason behind this fairly recent AAA game already being down to such a low price. However, it looks like Bungie are doing all they can to fix things and bring players back with them going independent, so this may be a wise investment for later down the line.

It’s much better with friends and the grind is very real, though it’s worth picking up for the fairly decent campaign if you’re more of a solo player. You can also try out a free version if you’re undecided.


7. Prey

Prey game

Developer: Arkane
Publisher: Bethesda
Price range: $10/£8-$20/£15

Bethesda’s Prey didn’t resonate with everyone at launch, which led to it only doing okay in sales, much like most of the publisher’s 2017 output.

Everyone else’s loss is your gain, however, as Prey is a solid alternative to classics like System Shock that sees you trying to uncover the mysteries of a space station where everything is wrong. Also, the coffee mugs are trying to kill you.

From our Prey review:

“Prey mixes BioShock with Dishonored and a dash of System Shock – the result is an engrossing setting with palpable tension, tons of reasons to explore and a compelling narrative that takes a couple surprising turns.”


8. Bloodborne

Bloodborne aggressive

Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: SIE
Price range: $10/£8-$20/£15

One of the earliest console-sellers all on its own, Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive for those who want a faster-paced Dark Souls. It’s cliché to mention that it’s a difficult game at this point, but nothing worth having in life is supposed to come easy.

You’ll die often, but when you succeed and finally begin to make progress, it’s a feeling unlike any other. Although it’s in the PlayStation Hits range, you can find it far cheaper elsewhere without the fancy packaging.

1,876 Reviews


9. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt


Developer: CD Projekt Red
Publisher: CD Projekt
Price range: $10/£10-$20/£15

If you haven’t yet played The Witcher 3, it probably means that you have a social life that you really shouldn’t abandon. Who needs friends when you can have sex on top of a unicorn and meet a lot of ugly children, though?

On its own, Wild Hunt will give you 100+ hours of content, but if you pick up its complete edition which comes with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, that’s an extra 50 hours of sexing at the very least right there.


10. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3
Image source: Xbox Store

Developer: Avalanche
Publisher: Square Enix
Price range: $10/£5-$15/£10

While the console version of Just Cause 3 isn’t always a smooth ride, if it’s just dumb fun you want from your cheap PS4 games, Just Cause 3 has you covered. There’s no feeling quite like wingsuiting around before finding some cows to attach explosives to.

If it’s the complete experience you want, the XL edition will set you back a few extra dollars or pounds and is probably worth it. You can also pick up the XXL version for cheaper than you might expect, though none of the additional content is particularly mindblowing.

Just Cause 3 - PlayStation 4
661 Reviews


11. Mortal Kombat XL

Mortal Kombat XL

Developer: NetherRealm
Publisher: WB Games
Price range: $10/£5-$15/£10

Fighting games are tricky beasts to price correctly these days as they’re so heavily based around selling DLC after release with these purchases supporting the game in the long-term. Cut out all that waffle and waiting by picking up Mortal Kombat XL instead: the complete package of one of the best fighting games of this generation.

If you want to watch a xenomorph take on Johnny Cage and the blood inevitably spill without having to go to a dodgy site for adults, this is the one for you.

Mortal Kombat XL - PlayStation 4
778 Reviews


12. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 review

Developer: Team ICO/Bluepoint
Publisher: SIE
Price range: $15/£10-$20/£15

One of the best video game remakes ever made launched in 2018 at a more than fair price already with the months since seeing it drop even further.

Basically, if you never played Shadow of the Colossus on the PlayStation 2, you have no excuses for not picking it up on the PlayStation 4 instead and discovering the melancholy tale of a man, woman, horse, and a whole bunch of jaw-dropping behemoths. Extra cost for tissues not included in price.

From our Shadow of the Colossus review:

“While it may lack the initial wow factor by way of being a remake, Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 does the original justice, and then some. It cements the legacy of Team Ico’s classic while bringing a few new things to the table, creating the perfect introduction to a masterpiece in design and understated storytelling in the process.”

Shadow of the Colossus - PlayStation 4
571 Reviews


13. Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: SIE
Price range: $15/£10-$20/£15

Inarguably one of the most beautiful and bombastic games of this generation, Uncharted 4 seeks to wrap up the story of Nathan Drake by delivering the most ambitious game in the series. It certainly is that, a journey across the world for a pirate haven with more twists and turns than a pack of snakes playing Twister after a bottle of vodka.

Uncharted 4 is an essential PS4 game for a reason, so if you’re somehow unfamiliar with the joys of swinging from a rope and then punching some bloke in the face while enjoying the lusciousness of its visuals on a PS4 Pro, fix that.

From our Uncharted 4 review:

“Once the curtains close and the credits roll, you’ll be left with a certain sense of melancholy. Yes, it’s likely that this will be the final instalment in the Uncharted series, but Naughty Dog certainly know how to end on a high, and I cannot wait to see what they start working on next.”


14. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War PS4 review

Developer: Monolith
Publisher: WB Games
Price range: $15/£10-$20/£15

Judging from how quickly it plummeted in price, it looks as if Shadow of War wasn’t exactly a rip-roaring success for WB Games. As well as being less well received than its predecessor, Shadow of War’s inclusion of loot boxes polarised fans.

With those now removed and the game better balanced as a result, Shadow of War is now the game it was supposed to be: a hulking beast that tries to do many things at once. While it’s not perfect, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had — just don’t let diehard Tolkien fans play the story.

From our Shadow of War review:

“There’s a lot to love about Middle-earth: Shadow of War, though it often creaks under the weight of its own lofty ambitions. It’s not helped by ludicrous storytelling and irritating basics, but if you want to potentially lose days of your life to enslaving orcs and riding drakes, you’ll be in for some fun.”


15. Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

Developer: PagodaWest Games, Headcannon
Publisher: SEGA
Price range: $15/£10-$20/£15

The first good Sonic game since, well, the early days of the franchise is more than just a gratuitous nod to long-time fans — it’s where the series should go next.

A glorious mish-mash of different Sonic periods while also just generally be a good Sonic game in its own right, Sonic Mania could be the perfect cheap PS4 game for anyone with a love for the gaming of old or the blue blur in general. Plus, Sonic Mania Plus, the version with additional content, is just as affordable.

From our Sonic Mania review:

“Sonic is back, praise be, Sonic is back. Old school fans will relish the challenge and the attention to detail while younger gamers may able finally understand why Sonic was such a gaming icon in the 1990s. But seriously, screw Hydrocity Zone.”

Sonic Mania Plus - PlayStation 4
143 Reviews


16. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Developer:Guerrilla Games
Publisher: SIE
Price range: $10/£12-$20/£18

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that should straight up just not work. An open world where you take on robot animals as a tribal huntress sounds like it’s trying too hard to be original, but that’s exactly what it is. A PS4 exclusive that’s bound to get a sequel for PS5, you can play as Aloy on the cheap whether it’s the base edition or the Complete Edition with the also excellent Frozen Wilds DLC in tow.

From our Horizon Zero Dawn review:

“Horizon Zero Dawn boasts a stunningly realized vision of the post-post-apocalypse, accompanied by a fascinating and chilling mystery surrounding the fall of civilization and surprisingly deep and strategic combat which combine to create one of the best new IP’s in years.”


17. Any Yakuza

Yakuza 6 minigames

Developer: RGG Studio
Publisher: SEGA
Price range: $10/£12-$20/£18

Despite being pretty universally beloved, the Yakuza series almost always receives a heavy discount shortly after a new game is released. It’s a shame that more people don’t buy the wacky games on launch, but that just means you have a much cheaper entry point.

The amount of Yakuza games is a little overwhelming, especially if you’re brand new. We would recommend you check out Yakuza 0 first, which sets up the entire franchise, and the Kiwami 1 and 2. From there, you can pick up the remastered collection before tackling Yakuza 6, which is the last ride of the legendary Kazuma Kiryu.


18. Rainbow Six Siege


Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Price range: $10/£8-$15/£12

One of the best live service success stories in all of gaming, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege definitely didn’t wow many people when it first came out. Following regular updates and some commendable persistence from the developers to make it work, Siege is now one of the most successful paid multiplayer games in the world.

And it’s yours for super cheap, especially if you just want to pick up the Starter Edition. Other, pricier editions of the game will give you Operators to play with off the bat, but you can save yourself some money by instead grinding through and unlocking them naturally. You will definitely get bang for your Buck with Rainbow Six Siege.


19. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV
Source: Gamespot

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Price range: $10/£8-$15/£12

Certainly not the most popular Final Fantasy game (for a multitude of reasons), Final Fantasy XV still has plenty to offer for JRPG, which includes countless hours of content and driving in a car with your bros.

Following Notcis and his friends as they start a long journey to Altissia to get Noctis married off, it’s not long before things go drastically wrong and we get sucked into a charming tale of friendship — with maybe a few too many in-game ads. If you’ve yet to give it a chance, Final Fantasy XV is at least worth experiencing at this price.


20. God of War

God of War

Developer: SIE Santa Monica
Publisher: SIE
Price range: $15/£10-$20/£15

The best PlayStation 4 game of all time? Maybe, but it’s certainly a resurgent entry in the God of War franchise, which had become predictable with its previous entry, Ascension, not really focusing on the right things.

Featuring an older, guilt-riddled Kratos as he escorts his son to a mountain of great importance, God of War shifts the perspective to over-the-shoulder and makes things a little less chaotic and more tactical. All set in one incredible long shot, God of War is a game about fatherhood and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, love. You’re running out of excuses not to play this.

God of War - Playstation 4
2,521 Reviews


Bonus: Fortnite


Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games
Price range: Free

What’s better than paying a pittance for PS4 games? Paying no pittances at all. Fortnite’s battle royale mode is free for everyone to try out with cosmetic microtransactions, meaning that no matter how much money you spend on skins, it won’t stop you from being terrible.

Be warned: the playerbase is extremely dedicated to Fortnite and know it inside out, so don’t expect to come away covered in glory straight away.

We will also accept Apex Legends.

Speaking of Fortnite, if you want more things like it, we have a guide to the best free PS4 games that will give you more games for cheap. Looking for something less specific? Our A-Z of the best PS4 games is the definitive guide on what games you should be seeking out.

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