About Cultured Vultures

I used to struggle with employment.

Shifts spent slogging away at retail stores during heavy Christmas seasons in which I was nearly crushed by a Barbie bike was all I could aspire to do with myself because I just did not have the tools or qualifications to get where I wanted to be. I wanted to be a writer but I didn’t know where my work would be published. Plus, I’m not very good at it so that never helps.

Thanks to a lucky break from a friend, I was invited to write a couple of pieces for a website. They were pretty silly fare and I’m fairly positive they were complete tripe, but the experience was rewarding. Without thinking it was that big a deal, I enclosed this experience on my C.V.

For my next interview after I escaped the gauntlet of selling Moshi Monsters, I was asked about my writing experience. Although minimal, just having that little bit of background helped me to land that job and the one I have today.

The inspiration for Cultured Vultures came to me after I realised that everyone needs a break and that little something to beef up their C.V. This site is for everyone and anyone with a passion for writing and all you have to do is submit an article on any subject in popular culture and when it’s published, it could be that little break that you need.

Don’t hesitate, the article can be anything. Anything you love, anything you hate, just anything.


Jimmy of Cultured Vultures

Whenever I get tired of trolling that miserable bastard who keeps leaving my books one-star reviews, I like to check out what’s going on in the rest of the known universe by clicking on to Cultured Vultures. There’s films, pop, books, sports, news and opinions galore from the brightest minds to ever slump dead drunk over a keyboard, although did any of them ever almost win a BAFTA? I did. Almost. So in summary, if it’s not on CV it’s not worth knowing about (or maybe they just missed it or something). Two thumbs up from me. Now to get back to checking out that bastard’s house on Street View. Unable to give me zero stars indeed! I’ll fix you…

Danny King, BAFTA-Nominated Writer

Writing is often a singular world, and it sometimes can feel like a fruitless exercise, especially if you’ve got no particular basis or landmark. Cultured Vultures has provided me with not only a creative outline, but a different perspective on writing altogether.

The experience I gained from writing on CV meant that I have recently just got my first ever paid writing job. I couldn’t be more thankful to Jimmy for his part in my growth as a writer. If it wasn’t for his very unexpected request to write for him after I ranted on my blog about how much of a twat Katie Hopkins is, I doubt I’d have survived writing this long. Jimmy Donnellan, you are wonderful.

Joshua Mackle

“Cultured Vultures is one of those places that just oozes coolness—a source for inspiration and enlightenment, entertainment and information, humor and darkness.”

Richard Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, Dark House Press

Contact: info@culturedvultures.com if you would like to contribute.

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