Free PS4 Games: The Complete List

That is unless you want to buy skins, in which case you better speak to your bank.

PS4 Pro console

It’s a funny old time for your wallet as a gamer. While there are more free games than ever that are actually good, there are also a tonne of premium experiences that you need to pay quite the premium to get the most out of, whether that’s because they’re geared towards continuous DLC packs, or, as is also the case with some of these free PS4 games, sweet skins that cost half as much as the game itself.

We’ve decided to compile all of the games you can pick up for free for your PlayStation 4, ranging from the customary twenty battle royale titles to even a couple of single-player experiences. We do have a couple of qualifiers and things for you to be aware of, though.

– “Experiences” without any gameplay are not included.
– Not all of these multiplayer games are free free as you will need PlayStation Plus still.
– We’re allowing episodic content on the basis that trophies can be earned through.
– While Sony may categorise stuff like Captain Spirit as a demo, we believe it is a full game as it is separate from the rest of the LiS universe.

Here’s the list.


Free PS4 Games: A-C

Apex Legends Mirage

– 3on3 Freestyle
– AdVenture Capitalise
– AirMech Arena
– A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
– APB Reloaded
Apex Legends
– Armored Warfare
– Atom Universe
– Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1 (additional episodes paid)
– Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 1 (additional episodes paid)
– Battle Ages
– Battle Islands
– Battle Islands: Commanders
– Big City Stories
– Blacklight: Retribution
– Brawlhalla
– COD: Infinite Warfare – Jackal Assault (VR)
– Clicker Heroes
– Crossout
– Crow: The Legend


Free PS4 Games: D-F


– Dark Eclipse (VR)
– Dauntless
– DC Universe Online
– Dead or Alive 5: Core Fighters (full game available)
Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters (full game available)
– Defiance 2050
– DELTARUNE Chapter 1
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition (full game available)
– Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Lite Edition (full game available)
– Dreadnought
– Dungeon Defenders II
– Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Free Edition (full game available)
– Fallout Shelter
– Fishing Planet
– Fortnite: Battle Royale
– Four Kings Casino
– Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight


Free PS4 Games: G-K


– Game of Thrones: Episode 1 (additional episodes paid)
– Games of Glory
– Gems of War
– Guns Up!
– Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
H1Z1: Battle Royale
– Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics
– Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone (full game available)
– Hawken
– HEX: Card Clash
– HiQ Ace
Hitman 2 – Starter Pack (full game available)
– Hustle Kings
– King’s Quest – Chapter 1 (additional episodes paid)
– Kitten Squad
– Knights of Valour


Free PS4 Games: L-Q

Let It Die
Source: IGN

– Legends of Catalonia: The Land of Barcelona
– Let It Die
– Life Is Strange: Episode 1 (additional episodes paid)
– Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 – Episode 1 (additional episodes paid)
– Minefield
– NBA 2K18: The Prelude (full game available)
– NBA 2K19: The Prelude (full game available)
– Nebula Realms
– Neverwinter
– NextVR (VR)
– Onigiri
– Paladins
– Path of Exile
– Pinball Arcade
– Pinball FX3
– Planetside 2
– Pox Nora
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite (full game available)
– Prominence Poker


Free PS4 Games: R-Z

Resi Revelations 2

– Realm Royale
– Rec Room
– Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 1 (full game available)
– SingStar (requires DLC tracks)
– Skyforge
– Slide N’ Go
– Spacelords (PKA Raiders of the Lost Planet)
– Starlit Adventures
– Star Trek Online
– Stern Pinball Arcade
– Switchblade
– Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 1 (additional episodes paid)
– The Playroom
– The Playroom VR (VR)
– Toukiden 2 Free Alliances Version (full game available)
– Trans-Galactic Tournament
– Trove
– VirZOOM Arcade (VR)
– Warface
– Warframe
– War Thunder
– We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR (VR)
– World of Tanks: Mercenaries
– World of Warships: Legends

Are we missing any of the best free PS4 games from our guide? Let us know.

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