PS4 EA Access: All The Vault Games

What does your money get you?

Battlefield V 5

After previously only being available on the Xbox One, EA have revealed a PlayStation 4 version of EA Access: a subscription service that gives players access to most of EA’s modern games, some just a relatively short while after release, through “The Vault”.

For your money, you get access to The Vault, from which you can download and keep as many EA games as you want as long as you keep your subscription active. The Vault is refreshed occasionally with newer games, though EA have also removed some older titles (mainly just outdated sports games) as well.

Costing $5 a month (or less overall if you buy a year’s subscription at $29.99), PS4’s EA Access will come with all of the features of the Xbox One version, which includes the option to play EA’s biggest games early as trial versions, as well as reductions for new releases, though this has always been a negligible discount on Xbox One as the digital markup is significant. EA have also included Battlefront’s DLC and Battlefield 4’s Premium as part of the service. If you are already an Xbox One subscriber, you will have to subscribe separately for the PS4 version of EA Access.

Sadly, due to the PS4 not being backwards compatible with the PS3, expect the library to be far smaller as it cannot bolster its number with older games. That means no Skate 3, no Dead Space trilogy, no Mass Effect trilogy, and none of Battlefield’s best iterations. It has all of the same current-gen games as the EA Access version, sans the console exclusive Titanfall 1 and any sports titles before the “17” cycle.

With PS4 EA Access having launched on July 24th, 2019, here’s everything you get for subscribing to Sony’s equivalent. We will update this as games get added and removed.

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PS4 EA Access Games – A-C

Battlefield 1

A Way Out
Battlefield 1
– Battlefield 4
Battlefield V
– Battlefield Hardline
– Burnout Paradise Remastered


EA Access Games – D-H

dragon age inquisition

– Dragon Age: Inquisition
– EA Sports UFC
EA Sports UFC 2
EA Sports UFC 3


EA Access Games – M-P

Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Image source: Polygon

Madden NFL 18
– Madden NFL 19
Mass Effect: Andromeda
– Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
– NBA Live 18
– NBA Live 19
– Need for Speed Payback
– Need for Speed
NHL 17
– NHL 18

– NHL 19
– Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
– Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
– Peggle 2


EA Access Games – Q-Z

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2
The Sims 4
– Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront II
– Unravel
Unravel Two



Is It Worth Subscribing To EA Access On PS4?

Star Wars Battlefront

EA Access on Xbox One represents great value for subscribers, its library jam-packed with games from across generations. The same cannot be said for the PS4, however. At this time of writing, half of its lineup is dedicated to annual sports games with anything but the most recent edition being almost pointless to dive into.

If you are to subscribe to EA Access on PS4, our tentative recommendation is to just buy a month’s subscription and play some of their single-player games you may have missed. It doesn’t look like there will be a lot coming to the service minus Anthem, so you won’t be missing out if you don’t want to commit to a long thing.

Will you be subscribing to EA Access on PlayStation 4?

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