Kojima’s Project Overdose – Everything You Should Know


Leaked in November 2022, Hideo Kojima’s upcoming horror title, Overdose, has remained a mystery ever since. The alleged leak is so unusual that it could only be the product of one of gaming’s most eccentric storytellers, and the fact that it’s since been scrubbed from the internet suggests there was something to it. The filmed footage really gives no indication of what Overdose is, but with Kojima Productions seemingly behind it, players will undoubtedly show up. And then subsequently fall into deep discussions of its overall themes and avant-garde approach.


Overdose Release Date

We’ve been in the dark since that unusual leak—which could have easily been a product of Kojima himself—so a release date is very far off. There hasn’t even been an official reveal if Overdose is the same title that Kojima Productions is working on for Xbox Game Studios. What we can say in confidence is that Overdose is not Death Stranding 2, as the latter has already been officially revealed and the mystery of Overdose still stands.


What Could Project Overdose Be About?


With Kojima at the helm, this is a very difficult question to answer. The imagery during the gameplay trailer doesn’t give away any real hints as to the story, save for, at some point, someone is being pursued by something.

Overdose, of course, relates to drugs, and that could allude to an internal conflict faced by the protagonist. There are a number of ways something like that could play into a horror experience, but that would be wild speculation based on one simple word. Let’s not forget, Kojima introduced us to Metal Gear Solid V with a flaming whale in the sky, so anything is possible.

Whether Kojima is also recycling ideas that were scrapped when Silent Hills was canceled is unknown. However, it may be a safe bet to suggest that Overdose will have some Silent Hills inspirations in its overarching themes.

If we’re going to hear something about the game soon, it will likely be at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th, 2023.


Is Overdose a Mobile Game?

The speculation of whether or not Overdose would release on mobile platforms stems from a small picture-in-picture from the leaked footage. It appears as if a woman in the lower left-hand corner of the screen is controlling the events on the screen with a mobile device. It would definitely be something different for the famed director, who often thrives in the narrative-driven cinematic adventure space.

However, the angry mob forming angry over the prospect of a mobile game can take a step back. Overdose is being developed for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Since titles like Forza Horizon 5, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Gears 5, and Halo: Infinite are also playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming, it’s no indication that the game’s quality will suffer.

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