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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently closed for all music submissions.

When Cultured Vultures started, the idea was simple – giving budding writers a chance to have their work published somewhere other than their own blog. We wanted to be a platform for up-and-coming journalists, and now, years later, it’s safe to say we’ve achieved that. We’ve published the work of hundreds of talented writers, on a litany of topics, and our music coverage is surely one of our crown jewels.

If you like to write about music, you can do it here, any way you like. If you want to review a new album, go for it. If you want to write a retrospective on an old one, that’s fine. If you want to take speed with a little bit of cough syrup and write a few pages of shit about the faces of Coltrane… Well we might be more hesitant about that, but we’ll definitely give you some good feedback.


What’s in it for you?

While wishing to avoid that rather nasty word, ‘exposure’, having a nice clutch of articles about music in your portfolio will increase your credibility further down the line, but wait, it gets better. You see, Cultured Vultures isn’t just about giving writers their first push, it’s about supporting creativity, in all its forms. Through the years, CV has developed great working relationships with up and coming musicians, new labels and ambitious event masterminds, and with those relationships come rewards.

We’ve worked with labels like Ninja Tune, Ghostly International, High Focus and numerous others. We’ve covered live shows across the UK and beyond, as well as festivals like Download, Boomtown, Riot Fest, Field Day, ArcTanGent, Boom Bap and even Odyssia in Greece. The artists we’ve interviewed include Ghostpoet, Talib Kweli, Telegram, Asian Dub Foundation and Dinosaur Pile-Up. Write for us, and you’ll get the chance to attend gigs, and even festivals for free, as well as being able to meet and talk to some amazing musicians.

Oh, and you’ll get paid, at least a little bit. Cultured Vultures is by no means a business, but we can offer you a small compensation for your work, depending on its success. Our current rate is 50p/50¢ per every 300 pageviews accumulated on your articles over the course of a week. We share all new content across our social media channels and do our best to promote it, but beyond that it’s up to you. We’re always on hand to offer help and advice on how to really get your work out there.


What are you waiting for?

Some of the most fascinating work ever published on CV has come from the music section, and some of the site’s best and dearest friends reside in the industry. If you want to be a part of that world, all you have to do is ask.

Want to take part? Send the following info along to

– Your name and a bit about yourself.
– Your availability to contribute.
– A pitch/submission.
– The type of articles (news, lists, editorials, etc) you would like to write.



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