Get Paid To Write About Television


Hey there, dorks! The powers that be at Cultured Vultures HQ are looking for television writers ready to take the internet by storm!

Are your fingers itchy to write about the biggest twists and turns in modern television? Do you lose sleep at night wondering whether Jon Snow will make it to the end of Game of Thrones? Then don’t let your passion go to waste. We want you at Cultured Vultures. There’s no need to send us a CV. If you love TV and can show us you have something to say about it you’ll have our attention.

We’re looking for writers who can spot the most intriguing news stories in a sea of clickbait. Who can write about the latest ups and downs in television with refreshing wit. Reviewers with a unique take on the latest hit show.

Think big people. Whether it’s news, reviews, previews, interviews, listicles or even that burning opinion piece filling up space in your brain. We’re pretty open minded folk at Cultured Vultures. Feel like not enough has been said about The Walking Dead? Cool. Need to tell someone about that chic new Scandinavian murder mystery show no one’s heard of?Get writing. We’ll all be talking about it in a year.

And hey, if your article is a big hit you’ll even be compensated for it (more on how payment works here). It’s not a guarantee of course – we’re not Collider or Screencrush just yet. What we are is a community, and most of all we care about writing and helping people get better without crushing deadlines and obligations. If you catch a few dollars here or there, all the better.

This is it, folks. The moment where great writers are born or lost to the world forever. Check out some of our television content, then take the leap and get writing. You can hit us up with emails to along with the following info:

– Your name and a bit about yourself.
– Your availability to contribute.
– A pitch/submission.
– The type of articles (news, lists, editorials, etc) you would like to write.

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