Fortnite Season X Prestige Spray & Pray: Visit Graffiti Covered Billboards In A Single Match

GGs only.

Fortnite Season X has redesigned the weekly challenge system, giving us missions instead. Week 2 brings the ‘Spray and Pray’ mission, which heavily focuses on challenges that make use locations with your spray emotes.

Last week’s prestige missions were more difficult versions of the regular missions. Week 2, however, is a lot more satisfying, introducing entirely new – but still more difficult – missions to sink our teeth into, giving us fourteen – actually – unique challenges in total. This article focuses on visiting two graffitied billboards in a single match.

This is a prestige challenge and as such you’ll need to complete the seven normal missions before being able to prestige Spray and Pray and as such access the seven prestige missions. This means you’ll be required to complete some of the more involved normal challenges, namely: Spraying a fountain, a junkyard crane and a vending machine, spraying three gas stations and finding five lost spraycans.

Additionally, this prestige mission isn’t one of the three initially available prestige missions, which means you’ll need to complete one of these original three as well, which are: Two SMG eliminations in a single match, search two chests inside containers with windows and spray cars or trucks in different named locations.

With all that out of the way, the challenge itself is fairly straightforward. Visit two specific locations in a single match. The locations actually aren’t that far apart either, so as far as a prestige challenge goes this isn’t quite so difficult to complete. The difficulty comes from tracking down these two locations as they aren’t particularly noteworthy or flashy.

Below is a map of both locations circled in red.


Graffiti Covered Billboards Map

Fortnite Billboards

As you can see, they’re only a single grid space apart, so the trek isn’t overly long. The only real issue is that you have to either travel across the bridge of down into the valley, which makes you an easy target if you don’t have a decent amount of materials of a vehicle.


Salty Springs Billboard

Fortnite Billboards 1

Fortnite Billboards 2

If you follow the road leading west out of Salty Springs, you’ll be brought around to the southwest, passing by a small hill with three billboards atop it. The centremost billboard contains the GG spray and is one of the locations for our challenge. Just walk up to it to make sure your challenge updates. E7 on the main map’s grid.


Shifty Shafts Billboard

Shifty Shafts Billboard

Fortnite Billboards 3

The Shifty Shafts billboard is located at the entrance of the Shifty Shafts mine. On the western side is the main entrance for vehicles, there you’ll find the billboard with the GG spray attached above the fence on the left side of the entrance. Again, just make sure you’re close enough to receive credit. D7 on the main map’s grid.

Once you’ve visited both locations without being sniped by some bugger, you’ll have completed the challenge. If you manage to complete all seven prestige challenges you’ll unlock the ‘Street Style’ Tilted Teknique recolour, which is a white clothed version of the skin.

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