Fortnite Season X Spray & Pray: Spray A Fountain, A Junkyard Crane & A Vending Machine

Spray the mechs away.

Week 2 of Fortnite Season X has touched down and with it a new mission for us to sink our teeth into. This week’s mission is called ‘Spray & Pray’. As you might expect, the challenges contained in this mission focus on ‘spraying’ certain locations with your paint can and using inaccurate but high fire rate weapons.

Week 2 contains a massive number of interesting challenges, with Prestige challenges diverting significantly enough from their normal counterparts to warrant their own guides. This article focuses on the challenge that asks you to spray a fountain, a junkyard crane and a vending machine.

To receive credit, you simply need to approach one of the listed landmarks (though technically a vending machine isn’t a landmark) and spray it with any spray using your emote wheel. Below is a map containing the locations of the fountain and junkyard crane as well as some vending machine spawns.


Fountain (Blue), Junkyard Crane (Yellow) And Vending Machine Map (Red)

Fortnite SPray and Pray

You can find fountains circled in blue, vending machines circled in red and the junkyard crane circled in yellow.


The Fountains

Fortnite Season x fountains

Fortnite Fountains

Fortnite Season x fountains

If you’re looking for a fountain to vandalise, then look no further than Mega Mall. It contains one fountain in the centre of the shopping plaza on the main level and another south of the main plaza in the centre of the car park. Spraying either one will net you credit. Both are located at H6 on the main map’s grid.


The Junkyard Crane

Fortnite Junkyard crane

Fortnite Crane

The Junkyard Crane can be found in – as you may imagine – Junk Junction. On the western side of Junk Junction is an elevated platform with a magnetic crane perched atop it, spray it for credit. You can find it on the intersection of B1 and B2 on the main map’s grid.


Vending Machines

Fortnite Vending

Fortnite Vending 1

Vending Machines actually spawn all over the map, sometimes within named locations and sometimes out in the middle of nowhere. Because of this you’ll naturally stumble across them as you play without having to go out of your way to look for them. However, we’ve included some closeby locations to the junkyard crane to help move the challenge along more quickly (and because none seem to spawn close to Mega Mall). Spray one when you find one for credit.

You can find some at B2 (Junk Junction and Haunted HIlls), C3 (Pleasant Park) and D2 (west of The Block). Remember that when a vending machine is used, it is consumed and will disappear, so there is no guarantee you will find a vending machine at the marked locations every match.

Once you’ve sprayed all three objectives the challenge will complete awarding to credit towards the Spray And Pray mission. You don’t need to spray all three objectives in a single match, but enough vending machines spawn close to Junk Junction that you should be able to complete those two in a single match.

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