Fortnite v10.0 Leaked Skins & Cosmetics: Bronto, Bubble Bomber, Facet & More

More shiny.

Epic must hate putting a new Fortnite patch out sometimes. Without fail, leakers manage to take apart every single facet of the update and discover everything new that’s coming to the game. Fortnite v10.0 brings with it a whole host of new cosmetics and skins, which are due to release in the game up to two weeks after they are first discovered.

Courtesy of Lucas7Yoshi, these leaks below cover new variants for some classics (which should unlock if you already own the skin) as well as some brand new skins. Here are all of the V10.0 leaked skins, which we will update when we get more.

Here’s another composite from ShiinaBR.

Fortnite V10.0 leaked skins

Here’s a closer look at some of those skins. Rarities are subject to change.


Fortnite v10.0 Leaked Skins



Rarity: Rare
Description: Eating plants and takin’ names.


Bone Wasp

Bone Wasp

Rarity: Epic
Description: Victory must run bone deep.


Bravo Leader

Bravo leader

Rarity: Rare
Description: Take point.



Rarity: Rare
Description: Multifaceted combat specialist.


Bubble Bomber

Bubble Bomber

Rarity: Rare
Description: Candy-colored commando.

Goodness gracious, Bubble Bomber looks bad. What’s with the visor?


Fortnite v10.0 Leaked Cosmetics

Here’s a tonne of other stuff from the leaks, including back blings and some pickaxes.

Thoughts on the Fortnite Season X cosmetics?

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