Fortnite Season X Spray & Pray: Find Lost Spraycans Locations

Spray the pain away.

Fortnite Spraycans

Fortnite Season X brought with it the new mission system, which really spiced up the typical weekly smatterings of extra content we used to receive. Week 2 brings one of the most packed offerings Fortnite seasons in some time.

Week 2’s theme is based on spraying certain locations with your spray emotes (hence the spray) and using high fire rate, inaccurate weapons (the pray) as the basis for this weeks theme. This article is focused on finding the ‘lost spraycans’. For this challenge there will be lost spraycans scattered about the map. This challenge focuses on tracking down five of them and interacting with them to complete the challenge.

It is important to note that the spraycans are not visible until you’ve unlocked this challenge, with means you’ll need to complete one challenge of the original three that initially come unlocked with Spray and Pray. You can choose from any of these three: Spraying Gas Stations challenge, Spraying A Fountain, Junkyard Crane And Vending Machine challenge or Deal 500 Damage To Opponents With SMGs challenge to unlock this challenge.


Teknique Spray

Fortnite Spray Cans 1

The spraycans themselves can be quite difficult to spot, being quite small and not particularly standing out. To make things a little more manageable, all the spraycans will always have a spray of Teknique nearby to indicate there is a spraycan close(implying of course, she sprayed the area and left the can behind)

Below is a map with all the spraycans we could find circled in red. We found seven in total, but remember you only need to find five to complete the challenge.


Spraycans Map

Fortnite Spraycans 2

As you can see, they’re all relatively spread out around the map. So expect this to take a few matches to get done.


Frozen Waterfall

Fortnite Spraycans 3

The giant frozen waterfall ‘flowing’ down from Viking Village has a spraycan nearby. At the foot of the waterfall there is a tree closeby sticking out of the frozen river, the spraycan rests at the base of this tree. Located at B6 on the main map’s grid.


Junk Junction

Fortnite Spraycans 4

On the northern edge of Junk Junction, directly west of the orange crusher, is a small junk pile next to a stack of crushed cars. B1 on the main map’s grid.


Pressure Plant Lava Stream

Fortnite Spray Cans 2

There is a large lava river flowing south and to the west out of Pressure Plant. If you follow this lava river all the way, it will eventually lead into a dilapidated car tunnel. The support pillar at the entrance of this tunnel will have a lost spraycan sitting at its base. It is hidden behind the pillar so you’ll need to enter the tunnel and turn around to see it. G4 on the main map’s grid.


Shifty Shafts

Fortnite Spraycans 5

The lower levels of Shifty Shafts has tunnels running all throughout its bowels. However, there is a secret room many overlook. If you enter Shifty Shafts from the north, keep an eye on the wall to your right (but don’t take the right turn out) and keep an eye on the slits in the wood walls. You will eventually come across one that doesn’t have a cliff face behind it (you may even hear or see the chest if it spawns). Knock this wall down and you’ll find the spraycan in the left corner of the room. D7 on the main map’s grid.


Southeast Of Paradise Palms

Fortnite Spraycans 6

Southeast of Paradise Palms is an unnamed wrecking yard, which acts as the younger brother to the older more notable Junk Junction. On the very southeastern corner of this wrecking yard, just outside of the perimeter fence, is a tree. The spraycan is resting in the shade of this tree. Located at I9 on the main map’s grid.


Umbrella Quarry

Fortnite Umbrella Quarry Spraycans

Southeast of The Block is a rock quarry shaped like an umbrella, which has survived quite a few seasonal changes now. On the southern edge of the umbrella (where the handle would be) is a small entrance into the cliff face. You’ll see a stop sign to your right and three stacked barrels to the left in this entrance. The spraycan is on the floor to the left of these three stacked barrels. E3 on the main map’s grid.


Unnamed Disco

Fortnite Spraycans

Northeast of Hammy Hamlet and Northwest of Lucky Landing is an unnamed warehousing area. The most notable feature of this area is that the largest warehouse has been converted into a disco (which has seen better days, to be honest). Slightly to the west of this warehouse is a tent, a campfire and a shipping container. You will find the spraycan resting against the northern wall of the tent. E9 on the main map’s grid.

Once you’ve collected five of the available spraycans, you’ll have completed the challenge. This will bring you one step closer to prestiging the Spray and Pray mission. This will unlock seven new, more challenging missions as well as a new tier of rewards.

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