Fortnite: How To Find and Defeat The Herald Boss

Fortnite The Herald Boss

The Herald is a boss NPC added in Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 4.

As well as being the secret skin in the Battle Pass, The Herald is also a boss on the island who you can defeat. The Herald can be found at Herald’s Sanctum on the map, south of Coney Crossroads and north of the abandoned Sanctuary.

Fortnite The Herald Location
Fortnite The Herald Location

Check out Herald’s Sanctum down below.

Here is The Herald themselves.

Fortnite The Herald Boss
Fortnite The Herald Boss

The Herald has 600 health and 600 shield, meaning that you will have to do 1200 damage in total before you can defeat them.

As with most of the bosses in Fortnite, you need to keep your distance from The Herald as best you can, as they have a wide range of attacks and abilities that can quickly deplete your health. The Herald can also conjure chrome wolves to attack you, so it really isn’t recommended that you take them on alone.

The Herald is most vulnerable when they have their arm in the air and don’t seem to be doing much. You should beware when they shroud themselves in some kind of orb, as that’s when they will conjure their wolves to attack you and are also harder to damage.

The Herald will drop the Mythic The Herald’s Burst Rifle, which is an upgraded version of the EvoChrome Burst Rifle.

The best bet to eliminate The Herald boss is to squad up, which is the same for most of the bosses across Fortnite.

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