20 Best PS4 Racing Games You Should Play

Can you believe there has only been one Gran Turismo game on the PlayStation 4?

The eighth generation of gaming has given adrenaline junkies more options than any other before it. Whether it’s a futuristic speed-off or even a race on-foot, there is no shortage of ways to make yourself suddenly start sweating when it’s neck-and-neck on the final lap, which is what some of the best PS4 racing games are notorious for.

Racing games have always been a part of the PlayStation family’s line-up, Ridge Racer and Gran Turismo being two of the most famous IPs in the genre’s history. While those franchises are either long dormant or not enjoying their greatest hour (the PS4 only getting a single, non-traditional GT game, for example), it’s been a great opportunity for other franchises to step in.

Without Forza to consider, this is a much more competitive and varied list than its Xbox One counterpart. We’ve gone for a mix of the conventional and the unique with our countdown of the best PS4 racing games with the top two certain to cause a surprise or two. If you want to test your mettle online or fancy some friendly competition with friends when you’re two sheets to the wind on a Saturday night, here’s what you should be checking out.

Bear in mind that we are only including one entry per franchise, just for the sake of shining a light on some of the PS4’s more obscure racing games.


The Best PS4 Racing Games

20. Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving
Dangerous Driving

Developer: Three Fields Entertainment
Publisher: Maximum Games

It’s true that Dangerous Driving falls some way short of capturing the brilliance of its most obvious inspiration: Burnout. In fact, its developers, Three Fields Entertainment, was founded by ex-Criterion founders and senior people. This spiritual sequel doesn’t quite hold a candle to its predecessor, though that might not matter when you’re crashing and burning at whim — and having fun, too.

The low budget is clear with there not being any in-game music, though some nifty Spotify integration helps to ease the pain. With an insane amount of speed at your fingertips and some lovely, edgy stylings that harken back to the PS2 generation’s attitude, this is a throwback available on the cheap that might bring back some fond memories.


19. Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo
Horizon Chase Turbo

Developer: Aquiris Game Studio
Publisher: Aquiris Game Studio

It’s fair to say that not a lot of subscribers were happy when Horizon Chase Turbo was revealed as a PlayStation Plus game way back when. Fans had come to expect massive AAA titles by the time this indie homage to the early days of racing games was revealed.

That’s a massive shame, because while Horizon Chase Turbo doesn’t have the same amount of depth as its bigger peers, it’s definitely on the fastest racing games on the PS4. Watch on as its pixel colours turn to blurs with you being able to relive the heyday of pixel graphics alongside your friends from the comfort of your couch.


18. Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing
Team Sonic Racing

Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: SEGA

Whatever Mario can do, Sonic can do, erm, a fairly adequate impression of it. Team Sonic Racing doesn’t have quite the same polish as its Mario Kart cousin (or even another PS4 racer that you will see later), but it’s a good alternative for those who want shared anguish in their racing games.

Arcade racing through and through, Team Sonic Racing tasks you with working together and sharing powerups with your teammates to be the first to cross the finish line with plenty of nonsense sure to happen along the way. It’s not that deep, but if you can get it on the cheap, Team Sonic Racing offers an afternoon of good fun.


17. Onrush


Developer: Codemasters Evo
Publisher: Deep Silver

It’s a little sad to see just how poorly Onrush performed when it was released. Perhaps it was the slightly skewiff price point or the beta’s connectivity issues that turned most people away, but Onrush never particularly grabbed the attention of enough players to even make a dent in the sales charts. A free stint on PlayStation Plus helped players to realise what a no-frills bit of fun it can be, however.

Onrush isn’t really a racing game in the conventional sense, more so a driving game where you have to drive harder and cooler than your opponents. Mixing elements of MotorStorm (would do bad things for another one of those, Sony) with Burnout (you too, EA), Onrush is an adrenaline rush of simple fun delivered straight to your veins that will at least offer you a few solid hours of entertainment on your PS4.

From our ONRUSH review:

“Onrush is a lot of things. It’s brash, bold, experimental, but most importantly, really good fun to play. Its success will be determined by how well the team based concept catches on with gamers at large, but we’ve got high hopes for it.”


16. TrackMania: Turbo

Trackmania Turbo
Trackmania Turbo

Developer: Nadeo
Publisher: Ubisoft

Here’s another PS4 racing game that had another lease of life thanks to PlayStation Plus. Those who are obsessed with realism and fine tuning car parts like the Stig’s understudy need not apply here. TrackMania Turbo is just a straight-up arcade racer in all its glory and holds no pretensions of being anything much more serious.

Treating racing like a toybox for you to mess around in, TT allows you to build your own tracks, which you can then share with other players to take on. This, combined with some excellent music, a robust single-player campaign, and its appealing pick up and play nature makes TrackMania: Turbo a racing game on PS4 that you shouldn’t overlook.


15. Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat
Need For Speed Heat

Developer: Ghost Games
Publisher: EA

The Need For Speed franchise in the modern day always feels like it’s chasing the massive success of the Underground series on the sixth generation of consoles. While not without a few faults, Heat is probably the closest thing to a modern Underground revival that shows plenty of future for where the IP’s future lies.

Featuring an open world environment, a fancy assortment of cars, and that lovely blend of arcade and simulation driving that makes Need For Speed a great middle ground pick, Heat’s silly, Fast and Furious-lite storyline is the only thing that really lets it down. Still, if it’s a neon-infused corner-screecher you want, Need For Speed Heat can provide that in spades.

From our Need For Speed Heat review:

“Need For Speed Heat is the beginning of a new upwards turn for the long-ailing franchise. While it doesn’t get everything right, Heat focuses on the right elements needed to be a successful series once again. For the first time in a long time, I have a need for Need For Speed.”


14. Wreckfest


Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
Publisher: THQ Nordic

No, not a Wreck-It Ralph adaptation, but instead a wonderful throwback to the PS2 era days when every racing game had to have some kind of destruction. While not quite on the same level of carnage as something like Burnout, Wreckfest offers cathartic collisions aplenty.

A mixture of Flat Out and Destruction Derby, Wreckfest is not a conventional racing game with sleek, glistening cars and a booming EDM soundtrack. Instead, it’s all about ruining every pixel of the opposition, slamming into them and sending their ruined chassis flying.

If you don’t crawl over the finish line with your car on death’s door, you aren’t doing Wreckfest right.

13. The Crew 2

The Crew 2
The Crew 2

Developer: Ivory Tower
Publisher: Ubisoft

An idea so solid that it’s a wonder they’ve failed to really nail it as they should, The Crew 2 is effectively Need For Speed meets The Cannonball Run with the dial turned up to eleven. The second entry in the franchise allows you more freedom of exploration than before, whether that’s by land, sea, or air.

As polished as it may look, that’s not really reflected in the gameplay stakes. The driving isn’t quite as beefy or as satisfying as its peers, but the open-world and huge amount of content means that this is one PS4 racing game that you can dip in and out of. Shame about the customary Ubisoft cheese, though: seems like they didn’t learn their lesson from Watch Dogs 2.

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12. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online
GTA Online

Developer: Rockstar Games
Publisher: Take-Two

We had a good, long think about whether or not to include Grand Theft Auto V as a worthwhile PS4 racer for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s really a PlayStation 3 game, having launched on the console in the tailend of its life. Secondly, racing is only a small part of the overwhelmingly large pie that constitutes a session within San Andreas.

We buckled, however, when we realised just how much straightforward fun it is to drive around in GTA V while inside an array of exotic cars, and even a few dumpster trucks. As well as offering a few racing missions in the single-player, GTA Online provides so many different ways to race and take on other players that there are plenty who play it as nothing more than a chance to burn some rubber.


11. Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition

Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition
Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition

Developer: KUNOS-Simulazioni Srl
Publisher: 505 Games

When you want to consider one of the PS4’s most underrated racing games, Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition may be one of the most detailed games of its kind, offering even the tiniest amounts of data and possible tweaks on its impressive roster of cars. It’s not the most approachable racing game out there, so that may rule it out as a game to just dip in and out with with friends.

If it’s pure solitary immersion you want, however, Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition has you covered. It’s been developed with those who eat and breathe diesel in mind with its cars being as close to their real-life counterparts as possible, so this might be pure escapism if you’re a passionate racer.


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