13 Best PS4 Exclusive Games You Should Play Right Now

Looking to find some of the best PS4 exclusive games? After whittling it down, we managed to pick our top thirteen.

It was a lot harder to choose the best PS4 exclusives than I first thought it would be when I started writing this.

With the wide interest in cross-platform play, exclusivity could soon become a thing of the past and it looks like it’s already on the way out – there seems to be less exclusives than ever before. If your game cost millions and millions of dollars to make, can you really take the risk of limiting sales to one platform anymore?

Speaking back in May 2015, PlayStation president Andrew House admitted that first-party exclusives for the PlayStation 4 are a little hard to come by:

“We are working very hard to continue very strong support from third-party publishers and developers. Our first-party lineup is a little sparse this year so I think this places an even greater emphasis on getting good third-party support.”

In fairness, PlayStation 4 has a quite solid array of exclusive games coming out this year. Horizon Zero Dawn has already delivered in a big way, which means that it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see where it lands on this list. Let’s not forget Days Gone or God of War, either. Oh yeah, and this little sequel.

With that being said, here are the best PlayStation 4 exclusives that you can’t find anywhere else. That means it can’t be on Xbox One, PC, or even the Wii U – heck, no other PS system, for that matter. Remastered editions and remakes are also exempt for the sake of variety – The Last of Us Remastered would be the runaway winner otherwise.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an updating list, so if a game gets a port, it drops out. Likewise, if a new game impresses, it will be added.


13. The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886
I told you this was a hard list to write. The Order: 1886 is really only here to make up the numbers. It’s an ordinary third-person shooter with extraordinary graphics and an insulting completion length – you can complete it three times in one day, if you’re feeling weird.

It was supposed to be one of the games that would catapult the console to the next level, but just ended up being a distinctly average effort that’s used to bookend arbitrary lists like these. It’s been heavily reduced in price in the months since release and is probably worth looking at for a discount.

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12. Infamous First Light

Infamous First Light screens
Source: www.phcityonweb.com

A perfectly decent standalone game related to Infamous Second Son (more on that one later), First Light is a superpowered open-world action game with a likeable heroine. It takes the basic template from Second Son with a fraction of the powers available, limiting you to just Fetch’s.

It’s about as long as you would expect a spin-off to be as you can speed through it in about six hours. There’s plenty of collectables to hunt down for Platinum trophy hunters, which is also pretty straightforward to accomplish. If you’re a fan of the Infamous series and want the full experience, don’t discredit First Light.


11. Let It Die

Let It Die
Source: IGN

A free-to-play game that didn’t beg money from its players at every turn, Let It Die proved to be something of a nice surprise. When director Noriaki Kazama announced that his next game would be going down the F2P route, eyebrows were understandably raised. Luckily, we had nothing to worry about.

Let It Die is absolutely rough around the edges and sometimes its humour can be too infantile, but thanks to just how good it feels to play and a progression system that doesn’t demand you open your wallet, it’s a wonderful distraction to dip into between the next big AAA. Be warned, though: it is a dense game and can be quite confusing. It doesn’t hold your hand at all and can prove to be quite the challenge, which could suit Soulsborne fans down to the ground.


10. Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall Wallpaper
Source: Killzone Wikia

Launch titles seem to be always doomed to obscurity once a console is fully established. Admit it, you forgot that Killzone Shadow Fall even existed, didn’t you? So did I. It’s a great game that was never quite good enough to lead the charge for Sony’s newest console, but it still has some hooks to enthuse FPS lovers.

Adding in a lot of sometimes awkward functionality with the Dualshock 4 (still one of the only games to try do something interesting with the controller), Shadow Fall had more than competent gameplay and beautiful graphics to negate its underwhelming story. It’s just unfortunate that so many were still struggling to decide if they could make the console leap.


9. Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son
Source: mattbrett.com

Expected by many to be the PS4 game before release, Infamous Second Son never quite managed the greatness of those in the series before it, probably because its protagonist, Delsin Rowe, is an annoying dweeb. If you can look past the melodrama and angst, Second Son is an essential game for the PlayStation 4.

Looking undeniably beautiful and handling like a charm, Second Son’s gameplay picked up where its predecessors left off, as well as adding some interesting ways to make use of the DualShock 4. It has been sort of forgotten about now, but there’s no doubting Sucker Punch’s open-world is one worth exploring if you’re yet to.


8. DriveClub

Source: gearnuke.com

It takes something special for a racing game hater like myself to drop some serious hours into one. Punishingly difficult yet rewarding, DriveClub is the best racing exclusive on PlayStation 4 and potentially across all platforms, though there is some seriously stiff competition.

Nothing quite compares to being behind the wheel of a monstrously, superbly detailed car while you careen around the track, listening to your perfectly curated Spotify playlist. I am no master at the game (fairly sure I have only won a handful of races), but it’s still some fantastic vehicular escapism whether you’re good at it or not.



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