5 AEW Wrestlers That Still Need To Be Booked For All In: Wembley

Everybody be fighting to get on the show.

All In
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Reports have surfaced relating to some backstage gripes from members of the AEW roster. It has been suggested that some of the wrestlers have been vocal about frustrations with management related to whether or not they’re going to be booked on what may be wrestling’s biggest show ever. With a lot of the booking seemingly being left to the very last minute, there’s still plenty of chances for the rest of the roster to be given a spot, even if it is part of multi-man matches or battle royals.

Regardless, let’s take a look at the major stars that are currently left off the main card for All In: Wembley. Considering some of the following names, it would be some loss to the 80,000+ fans that are packing out the stadium for them to miss out on an appearance. Even if it’s more difficult to pin some of these names down to a meaningful feud that warrants a match on a main card, it’s still something that frankly needs to be arranged to make this show as special as it deserves to be.

AEW fans want to see AEW at its very best, and these names need to be there to allow that to happen.


 1. Hook

Source: AEW

Hook became an overnight sensation during AEW’s rise to prominence and hasn’t let up since. His popularity shines through in his every appearance despite having recently lost the FTW Championship to Jack Perry. The issue with Hook is, the longer AEW go without utilising him and his star value, the less likely they’ll be able to capitalise on him in the future.

Hook needs to be given more ample feuds that showcase his skills in front of a major audience. Keeping him relegated to random appearances on Rampage and the occasional Dynamite episode diminishes his popularity, eventually his resonating pops will mute and the powerhouse that was Hook will not longer be sent for main shows.

Hook deserves a spot to shine in front of the UK audience, he is the sort of talent that British fans will latch onto and make into a star in moments. Give him a rematch with Jack Perry, or a multi-man feature, whatever it takes to get this young stud on the card.


2. The Acclaimed

Source: AEW

The Acclaimed have yet to arrive on the Wembley card and considering the trio get some of the bigger reactions to their pre-game raps, it’s a shock to me that they haven’t found a place yet. Again, this seems like a natural act to put into a multi-man contest, maybe even teamed with the aforementioned Hook, to get the crowd hyped up for the main show.

The former AEW Tag champions and wrestling legend, Billy Gunn, are easy representatives for the AEW roster. It would be a shame to not see them given the spotlight in what has been described as AEW’s ‘WrestleMania 3’. The team have done enough to make themselves household names, for them to be left off the card is an insult to everything they’ve accomplished so far.

Besides, who doesn’t want to hear Bowens scream out “LONDON!”.


3. The House of Black

House of Black
Source: AEW

Not only are they the current AEW Trios Champions but you also have one of the biggest alumni stars of British wrestling in Malakai Black not booked for the Wembley card. The House of Black are an easy act to find space for on the All In card, defending their titles in ‘House Rules’ style against a tandem of AEW wrestlers or even some upstarts from the independent scene (CPF?).

This one would really be a hit to AEW’s creative team if they can’t find a place for a huge team like House of Black. Whether they go forward with the planned match between Malakai and Andrade, following their recent feud on Collision, or choose to go down a different route, they are a must-get for the show.

Admittedly, a singles match between Black and Andrade would easily make for a show-stealer, so I for one am willing to push for that over a trios contest. Either way, so long as the tandem has a presence on the show.


4. Danhausen

Source: AEW

This one might be slightly trickier to find a place for, but AEW’s Danhausen has been a superstar tucked away within their ranks since his debut. Danhausen’s merch numbers speak for themself, even if he’s out of the ring, he’s always a huge hit with the audience. Danhausen in the UK is a match made in heaven, the Wembley fans would absolutely eat up any of his shenanigans and he’d possibly even be one of the most over wrestlers on the card. Just give him a shot to do his thing.

Danhausen is one of those names that would likely find himself in a battle royal situation or even as part of Stadium Stampede with him supporting his pals Orange Cassidy and Best Friends. Regardless of where you picture the demented Danhausen, he needs to somehow make it to Wembley and have a moment of his own.

Curse them if they don’t!


5. The Hardy Boyz

Source: WWE

Jeff Hardy recently competed in a ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ themed deathmatch against Jeff Jarrett on Dynamite, as cringey as this was, it was definitely a lot of fun to watch unfold. Could this have been saved for Wembley? Probably. Should we still get the Hardys on the card? Definitely. Jeff and Matt are stars wherever they go and there’s a chance that this may be one of the last times that the UK audience gets to see the duo compete on a big stage.

I don’t think we’ll be getting any solid two-on-two matches, TLC or anything near a championship fight, but the Hardys would be a great feature in some form of multi-man match against Jarrett, Lethal and Satnam Singh. There’s talk of Grado being involved in something of a programme with Jarrett, so bringing in the Hardys to fight alongside him would at least balance out the reasons to actually watch that match.

Another potential curtain jerker act to get the fans warmed up for a fantastic night of wrestling.

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