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5 Reasons Suicide Squad Will Be Awesome

With Batman v Superman making its mark for good or bad, whichever you prefer, we look to DC’s next film in building the DCEU. When Suicide Squad was announced, most probably thought it wouldn’t work or didn’t know what it was in the first place. However, given the trailers so far and early buzz regarding the film, it’s turning into one of the most anticipated of the year.

So to pass the time until the ‘Skwad’ fires its way into theatres, I thought it’d be fun to list everything I’m excited for and what we could possibly be getting from Harley and co.


5. The Cast

Suicide Squad
Source: Digital Spy

The fact that we’re getting a new Joker and Harley Quinn for the first time ever should be excitement enough. To add to this, we’re getting Oscar winner Jared Leto playing ‘Mistah J’ and the very talented Margot Robbie as the ‘puddin’ loving Harley. Whatever happens in the film, I think we can guarantee at least intriguing performances from these two if not amazing ones.

Notable additions to those two include Will Smith as Deadshot, who I’m sure will be eager to get his blockbuster cred back after some poor choices. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is a fantastic casting choice and a real “get” for this film. Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg increases his reputation as an actor whose star is on the rise. Oh, and someone who looks like he may just steal the show from everyone, Jai Courtney. Yes, you read that right, I for one have never been a fan of Courtney’s past performances. However, from what we’ve seen from the trailers, he looks to be giving a performance with more charisma than any of his previous performances put together.


4. The Plot

Harley Quinn suicide squad baseball bat

From what little clues we have been given from the trailers it seems like the Squad is being recruited into fighting a bigger threat than them. A group of dangerous criminals and psychos teaming should be easy, right? Well, just to make sure it’s not too easy for them, it looks like The Joker will show up at some point to regain his, as he likes to call Harley, property.

It also seems like we will be getting flashback scenes of Harley in pre-psycho mode as Harleen Quinzel the psychiatrist. This could provide us with even more great scenes full of electric chemistry between Leto and Robbie, as well as showing general audiences the origin of what will soon be a new favourite character.

The fact we don’t know a lot about the plot is actually a major plus for this film. All too often these days, trailers seem to tell you practically everything about the film – I’m looking at you, BVS! So hopefully any other trailers they release will keep the element of mystery and intrigue they have shown so far.

I know people have their theories on who the threat/villain is in the film,  but I’ve decided not to screenshot every frame of the trailer to figure it out. I’d rather films take the Star Wars route of marketing and leave us to our own devices.


3. The Batman

Batman Dawn of Justice
Source: consequenceofsound

Need I say more? I mean, I kind of have to because it’s an article, but you get my point. Unless you were living under a rock, you may have missed the multiple set leaks of Batman riding on top of Joker’s car. I’m sure Bats will only be playing a small part in the film, namely when the squad and Joker get out of line, but anything we can get of Affleck’s Batman is fine by me until the solo films.

Hopefully, having the Bat show up isn’t just for the sake of fanservice, but also to serve the plot and possible future stories without being distracting. The past between Joker and Batman is sure to be given some light considering the ominous Robin suit hanging in Bruce’s lair from BVS. However Batman is used, I’m sure the audiences will love what they see.


2. Expanding The Universe

Justice league movie

The gears are now fully in motion with the DC movie universe. It’s taken awhile, but it’s finally happening. This will hopefully inject some fresh ideas and characters into a studio that has over-relied on Batman and Superman for years now.

With people like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg all getting their own solo movies, this will hopefully give audiences new favourites to choose from. With these new heroes also comes new villains. Just in Suicide Squad alone we have a multitude of characters that have never appeared on the big screen.

Also, the fact that villains like Enchantress, Killer Croc, El Diablo and so on are appearing in this film already shows new creative possibilities for Batman alone. After the ‘real’ gritty world Nolan created, I think we are all ready for Batman to get back to his comic world roots. Just as long as we don’t go back into Batman and Robin territory, it should be fine.


1. It’s Different

Suicide Squad Joker
Source: Hypebeast

With the influx of comic book films these days, the chance to show the audiences something a bit different for a change could be a major advantage for DC. We’ve become accustomed to the Marvel formula and some of it frankly is becoming a bit stale and repetitive.

DC is clearly trying to set themselves apart from the way Marvel do things and, for better or worse, they have to go for it all guns blazing. A common agreement between comic fans is the superiority DC have over Marvel in terms of villains. While at present Marvel haven’t really set the world alight with their villains, DC have some major tried and tested players to choose from.

Marvel have already stated they would not be doing a project like Fox’s Deadpool anytime soon. However, with the success of the rated R. Deadpool exploiting the huge gap in the market, this is another opportunity to really push the envelope with its darker characters. Can you imagine some of the stories we could finally see on the big screen?

There’s my hopeful list of why Suicide Squad will be awesome. I personally couldn’t wait to see the movie after I saw that Bohemian Rhapsody inspired trailer. Be honest, I’m not the only one who was hooked from that, right?

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