New Suicide Squad Trailer Drops, Mayhem Ensues

Suicide Squad Joker

The latest trailer for Suicide Squad has dropped and it is a blast.

Following many complaints (and the subsequent drop off in interest) that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was too dour and boring, rumours began to circle that Suicide Squad reshoots would focus on adding more jokes.

This trailer seems designed to put that rumour to bed once and for all. Jam packed with action and one liners, this is clearly and attempt to put as much distance between itself and BvS as possible. It also teases a Batman cameo, with the caped crusader apparently hot on the tail of Jared Leto’s Joker, who is clearly a significant departure from Heath Ledger’s classic portrayal in The Dark Knight.

Embracing the chaotic nature of the villainous ensemble, this very much looks like it will be a fun-packed ride and possibly the first film of the DC extended Universe to challenge Marvel in terms of actual fun.

Hopefully the final movie will be able to live up to the trailer. But after this, expectations are at an all-time high.