Rust: Polar Bears

Polar Bear
Polar Bear Rust

Polar Bears are an animal in Rust that were added as part of the Arctic Update in February 2022.

Polar Bears are the strongest and most durable animals in the game with 420 HP and more damage per swipe, as well as the most hostile — even more so than regular bears. They will hunt down and kill any players in just a few hits, even if the player is geared.

Here’s what you need to know about Polar Bears in Rust.


Where To Find Polar Bears

Polar Bears can only spawn in the arctic biome, which is where players can also find the new Arctic Research Base also added in the same update.


Polar Bear Harvest

Here is what you get for harvesting a Polar Bear in Rust:

– Animal Fat
– Bone Fragments
– Cloth
– Leather
– Raw Bear Meat

Players must use a Hatchet or a Knife to properly harvest in Rust.


How To Deal With Polar Bears

The best way to deal with Polar Bears in Rust is to simply keep your distance and pepper them with arrows. They are very fast and close the gap on you quickly, so don’t forget to keep moving backwards as soon as they start pursuit, firing arrows at the same time. You cannot outrun a Polar Bear as they are faster than you and even if you only get hit by them once, they will cause you to bleed.

Your best bet is to get out your Building Plan out and build a foundation that the Polar Bear (hopefully) can’t reach you from after doing some damage to them with arrows. If you run out of arrows, use a wooden spear to chip away at their health. You’re basically looking to cheese them to death as they won’t be able to reach you, though still beware of getting too close to them. Don’t forget to also beware of other players while you’re fighting the Polar Bear, as it might draw attention.

Rust is available now on PC.

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