Rust: Arctic Research Base – What You Should Know

Arctic Research Station
Arctic Research Station

The Arctic Research Base is a new monument added to Rust during the Arctic Update in February 2022.

The Arctic Research Base can spawn exclusively in the arctic biome of the map; it won’t spawn on a server without the arctic biome.

Here are some screenshots of the Artic Research Base in Rust:

Arctic Research Station
Arctic Research Base

As a monument dungeon, the Arctic Research Base is a hotspot for loot, with plenty of crates scattered across its labs and buildings. However, much like somewhere the Oil Rig, the Arctic Research Base is teeming with Scientists who will shoot on sight. As of the Arctic Update, Scientists can now also heal themselves, though only in this monument.

As well as that, players will feel their cold in and around the base, so they will need to huddle up to electrical heaters to stay warm. And if that wasn’t enough, Polar Bears are never too far away in the arctic biomes.

Arctic Research Base are the only places in Rust where players can find Snowmobiles, a new vehicle perfect for snow exploration. Players will have to complete a blue keycard puzzle to unlock the container containing them; the other container will have a red keycard.

Rust is available now on PC.

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