Rust: How To Fish

Fisherman RPers, line up.

Rust fishing
Rust fishing

Fishing was finally properly added to Rust with the August 2021 Underwater update. While players have been able to craft deployables like the Survival Fish Trap in the past, the August 2021 update brought with it all new ways to fish.

You can now use a Handmade Fishing Rod to fish in Rust. This item has been in the game’s files and hinted at for the longest time, but is now belatedly available in game.

Here’s everything you need to know about fishing in Rust. Bear in mind that this only applies to Rust on PC, not Console Edition.


Where To Find Bait

With your Handmade Fishing Rod in hand, you will need to use bait to actually cast any fish.

Most food can be used as bait, but you also have a chance of collecting specific bait like worms and grubs when collecting resources from thing like berries, hemp, and potatoes. Anything you plant will also have a 2x chance of giving bait when gathered.

All bait must be equipped in the lure slot of the rod.


Rust Fishing Controls

Here are the basics for fishing in Rust:

Aim – Right Click
Cast – Left Click
Pull Left – A
Pull Right – D
Reel – S

As with a lot of other games, players can pull left and right quickly to tire the fish out and easily reel it in. However, overdoing it can also lead to the line breaking, so listen out for sounds of strain on your line, otherwise it will snap and the fish will escape.


What Else You Should Know About Fishing In Rust

– Fish can be cooked and eaten just the same way as other food, with you being able to get Raw Fish and Cooked Fish. Steer clear of eating the former.

– Fish can also be sold to at fishing villages for Scrap.

– Gutting fish will also give you resources to use for other things.

– Different fish will be caught depending on where you fish and what bait you use. For instance, you will not be able to catch a Small Shark in a lake, or isolated body of water that doesn’t connect to the ocean.

Rust is available now on PC.

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