Rust: How To Get More Scrap Fast

Scrap that.


Rust, the post-apocalyptic survival PVP game from Facepunch Studios, has a suitably post-apocalyptic currency by the name of Scrap. You can use Scrap in Rust to research weapons, make purchases at vendors, and even with other players if you’re feeling dangerous.

What are some of the best ways of getting Scrap quickly in Rust? If you’re playing in vanilla, it can feel like a little slog to accumulate Scrap, though there are some ways of amassing your fortune in swifter fashion, none of them involving griefing your neighbours. It goes without saying that you can raid for Scrap, but here’s how you do it the pacifist way in Rust.



Rust barrels

Every barrel (apart from red barrels, which contain fuel) contains 2 scrap while playing on vanilla. This might not seem like a lot, but there are typically two or three barrels within close proximity of each other, so they do stack up quickly.

Barrels can be found near most monuments (the named locations on your map) and also by the side of many roads. You can use any weapon to break them open, even your starter rock, though something like the Salvaged Cleaver will crack them open in one hit.

Once you’ve fully looted a collection of barrels, they will disappear and more will respawn elsewhere within roughly half an hour.



The most anxiety-inducing mechanic in Rust, recyclers can be used to recycle unwanted components and turn them into other resources. Certain components will give you scrap, such as the ones below.

Empty Propane Tank – 1 Scrap

Metal Blade – 2 Scrap

Road Signs – 5 Scrap

Metal Pipe – 5 Scrap

Semi-Automatic Body – 5 Scrap

Sheet Metal – 8 Scrap

Metal Spring – 10 Scrap

Gears – 10 Scrap

SMG Body – 15 Scrap

Tech Trash – 20 Scrap

Rifle Body – 25 Scrap

It’s important to remember that some of these components are vital for crafting weapons, such as all of the “body items” as well as springs. We recommend that you scrap everything else; computers and cameras are extremely valuable as they give you Tech Trash for huge yields.

You should always be wary of using a recycler as Facepunch have knowingly put them in busy spots to make PVP happen. There’s a huge sense of risk and reward with using a recycler in Rust, so make sure you visit a recycler while you have good gear or when the server/general area is less busy. If you’re really worried, you can make your way to Outpost to recycle as no combat can be had here without the AI ruining your day.

A couple of things worth bearing in mind: one player at a time can look inside it and you will get more Scrap back from components and items that are in better conditions.



A bit of a sketchy and really risky way of collecting more Scrap in Rust, you can gamble some of your Scrap at the Bandit Camp monument to try and earn even more back via a roulette system.

If you bet on a number that appears on the wheel, you will win a huge amount back. However, gambling is for suckers, so you may end up losing out in a huge way as well.

Basically, if you already have a tonne of Scrap in Rust, gambling it away in Bandit Camp may eventually lead to you getting a profit, but it’s unlikely to be the case if you have less than a thousand in the bank.

Those are just a few of the ways that you can quickly earn Scrap in Rust. While the going may be tough on vanilla, remember that you can always check out 2X and above servers for improved gather rates and rewards if you want the game to be a little less of a grind.

Rust is available now on Steam.

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