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Rust keycards locations

Facepunch’s Rust has a system in which you need various keycards to access certain areas within monuments. Monuments are the largest areas on the map and include things like Lighthouse and Gas Station, among many others. You can find a monument by pressing G to bring up your map and seeing their names. As Rust maps are procedural, monuments will not be in the same location for everyone.

With the introduction of the electricity system to Rust, it’s meant that the keycards will often serve as one part of a larger puzzle involving fuses and switches. Solving these puzzles will usually give you access to a bevy of crates with lucrative loot, as well as keycards to get into other areas. The most lucrative monuments will need you to have multiple keycards of different types.

If you want the locations for all of the keycards in Rust, here’s what you need to know for the green, blue, and red keycards.


Rust Green Keycard

The green keycard is likely to be the keycard most Rust players find first owing to how common they are. Not only do they spawn pretty repetitively in certain spots, but you can also find them on the bodies of Scientists (the AI blue hazmat guys) on occasion.

Here’s a quick list of where to find green keycards in Rust:

Abandoned Supermarket
Oxum’s Gas Station

Green keycards respawn every half an hour or so, so you should have no issues finding at least one. You don’t need any other keycards to access these and they can always be found on desks in the mentioned monuments.


Rust Blue Keycard

Blue keycards are a little harder to get as you will first need a green keycard, so unless you get lucky and find a keycard on a dead body/raid, follow the previous steps to find the green keycard.

Here’s where you can find the blue keycard in Rust:

Large Harbor (fuse and green keycard required)
Small Harbor (fuse and green keycard required)
Satellites (fuse and green keycard required)
Sewer Branch (fuse and green keycard required, light source recommended)
Outpost (100 scrap)

For the first location, you will need to make your way towards Large Harbor while also having a fuse. Use said fuse in a small hut with a fusebox and then flick the switch outside by the door. From there, go towards a roofed building with a locked door, and then use the green keycard to gain access and nab the blue keycard from the desk inside.

You can also go to the Small Harbor to find a blue keycard in Rust, again needing to bring the green keycard and a fuse with you. Find an open little container with a fusebox and then insert the fuse, switching the power on via the mechanism outside by the door. Walk up the stairs, use your green keycard, and then get your blue keycard from the desk inside.

The next blue keycard location asks you to go to the Satellites monument while also bringing your green keycard and a fuse with you once again. A little while away from a massive satellite, you will be able to find two small containers. One of these containers has a fusebox for you to put your fuse in. Do that, and then go behind the container and flick a switch. From there, simply go to the next container and use your green keycard to find a blue keycard on the desk.

You can also find a blue keycard in Rust in the Sewer Branch, though this isn’t recommended compared to the other locations mentioned so far as it can be quite the deadly area. Again, you will need a fuse and green keycard, as well as some kind of light source. Find the recycler and then follow the building around until you find an open door and a fusebox within. Insert your fuse and then flick the switch right next to it. Go outside until you find a hole in the ground with a ladder. Descend the ladder, bring out your torch and then follow the tunnel until you find a door that requires your green keycard. Swipe the keycard and then hang a right until you come up to a burning barrel, then go left and all the way into the room until you find your blue keycard on the desk.

In addition to all of these, you can also simply pay 100 scrap at a vendor in Outpost to get a blue keycard. Handy if you have scrap to burn and don’t want much fuss.


Rust Red Keycards

The hardest of all the Rust keycards to get, red keycards will always need you to have a fuse, blue keycard, and sometimes even a green keycard. Don’t waste your time unless you have the two preceding keycards.

Here’s a quick list of red keycard locations in Rust:

Power Plant (two fuses, blue keycard, green keycard required)
Airfield (two fuses, blue keycard, green keycard required/light source and hazmat suit recommended)
Trainyard (fuse, blue keycard)
Water Treatment Plant (fuse, blue keycard)

The first place you could make your way over to is the Power Plant monument, and you will need the blue and green keycards as well as two fuses. First, find a generator with a switch by a building in a corner of the monument and then flick said switch. From there, make your way across the monument until you find a little building with a slanted roof.

Once in, flick two switches by the door and, as quick as you can as you are on a timer, run towards the biggest building and find a door that requires your green keycard. Use the keycard, enter and then find a switch on one of the big machines, then proceeding until you find a red door. Take the stairs up, and then the stairs on the left until you see a door with a “Control Room” sign above it. Go to the right of this door and then place your fuse in the fusebox, which will allow you to use your blue keycard on the Control Room door. Enter the room, go up the stairs and then claim the red keycard on the desk.

The next monument where you will find a red keycard is Airfield. As before, you will need blue and green keycards, as well as two fuses and even a hazmat suit; a light source is also recommended. Find the building containing a recycler and oil refinery and then walk into the open garage, going through the door on the right before going into the room on the right. Place your fuse in the fusebox within before flicking the switch underneath the fusebox. You will again be on a timer, so quickly run out the way you came and then find the little radiation enclosure and make your way down the ladder while wearing your hazmat suit.

Follow the tunnel, use your green keycard on the locked door, and then proceed until you find a white door. Go through it, take a left at the Armory sign, and then place a fuse in the fusebox. From there, keep going along until you find a door that requires your blue keycard. Use the keycard, and then find your red keycard on a desk with a computer inside the room.

The next monument where you can find the red keycard in Rust is at the Trainyard, which may also be the easiest and most lucrative spot to nab one. You will just need a blue keycard and a fuse for this monument. Find the building near the coal mountains and enter through its garage door and flick the switch that you should see as soon as you walk in. Exit, hang a left all the way around and then keep going forward until you find a tower-esque building on the other side of the monument with a big hole in its wall. Walk up its stairs until you reach the top, and then flick a switch on your left on a balcony.

From there, go halfway in-between both buildings you’ve entered so far and then go up external stairs on a large building until you see a door. Enter, run to the end of the room and then place your fuse into the fusebox, simply flicking the switch beside it afterwards. Exit the room, go up two floors via the stairs and then use your blue keycard on the door. There’s an outrageous amount of crates in here, but you can find the red keycard you are after on the desk with a computer near the shelves.

The final spot to find a red keycard in Rust is Water Treatment Plant, though the loot here isn’t nearly as eye-catching. Like Trainyard, you just need a blue keycard and a fuse here. Find the building with two large gates and a valve to turn. Turn the valve and then enter through the doors, walk up the stairs, enter into the small room to your right, and place a fuse into the fusebox, activating the switch beside it afterwards. Go back to the top of the stairs and exit through the locked door by pressing the emergency button. Turn left and all the way around the building, jump off and then run towards a long, mill-like building with a recycler. Climb a small ladder and then some stairs until you find a door that will require your blue keycard. Use the keycard, enter, and then find your red keycard on a desk with a computer inside a small office.

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