Rust: Snowmobiles

Snowmobile Rust
Snowmobile Rust

Snowmobiles are a land vehicle added in Rust as part of the Arctic Update which released in February 2022.

Snowmobiles are quick in the snow and sand but slow on any other surface, meaning that you can’t speed off towards Oil Rig in a Snowmobile. They also offer no protection from enemies.

Here’s what you should know about the Snowmobiles in Rust.


Where To Find Snowmobiles In Rust


Snowmobiles can be found in Arctic Research Bases after completing a puzzle with a blue keycard to open their containers. They do not spawn anywhere else on the map.

Arctic Research Base only spawn in arctic biomes.


Rust Snowmobiles Quick Facts

Snowmobile storage
Snowmobile storage

– There are two versions of them, the official Tomaha Snowmobile and the post-apocalyptic tin can version. The post-apocalyptic tin can version is the one that you can find as of the Arctic Update.
– 500 HP.
– Two players can ride a Snowmobile, one as the driver and one on the back who can shoot from any direction.
– The Snowmobile takes Low Grade Fuel. It comes with 20 Low Grade Fuel from the off.
– Players can also store 12x items in a small container on the back of the Snowmobile, meaning that players can get away with more loot from the Arctic Research Base’s many crates.
– As mentioned, the Snowmobile offers zero protection from enemy fire.
– You will probably need one to escape Polar Bears.

While not a fact, the Snowmobiles in Rust do take a bit of getting used to as they drive unlike much else in the game, particularly on ice. It may be worth practicing with them on low-pop or softcore servers to get a feel for them.

Rust is available on PC.

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