Rust Missions Explained: Rewards, Locations & What You Should Know

Quite the mission.

Rust missions

As part of their October 2021 update for Rust, Facepunch has revealed Missions: a new system that seems to take inspiration from RPGs — and maybe even a little bit of Fortnite.

Missions are basically quests players can undertake to get rewards, which usually take the form of scrap and treasure boxes. NPCs around the map at various safe zone monuments, such as Bandit Camps and Fishing Villages, will gives you these missions.

Missions will start off simple enough to begin with to help players acclimate themselves with the new system, with only repeatable solo missions available to begin with — there will be co-op missions in the future.

Missions range from simply catching fish, uncovering treasure, harvesting and even hunting sharks. Facepunch plans to eventually add PVP missions that will range from capture and hold all the way up to bounty hunting, which has been a favorite among the role-playing side of the Rust community for a long time.

This is just the start of the missions system in Rust, and it’ll be expanded upon with feedback also playing a part in how missions going forward.


Rust Missions: The Bullet Points

Here’s the very basics of missions in Rust:

– Missions are like quests, get them from safe zone NPCs
– One mission at a time
– Missions are repeatable
– Some missions will be on timers
– Available at Bandit Camp, Fishing Villages, Stables
– Rewards include scrap and treasure
– Solo only
– PVP and co-op missions will be added in the future

Those who have played Fortnite since Chapter 2 – Season 5 will likely recognise this system, as it’s very similar to the one in Epic’s monolithic game. In that, players can receive quests from NPCs on the map and complete them for Gold Bars, as well as some XP.

It will be fascinating to see how Rust’s missions system changes the game overall, though it’s the latest in a long line of overhauls over the past year. From contacts to gestures to stables, it’s clear that Facepunch isn’t going to let their players get too used to the Rust experience.

Rust is available now on PC. A separate version, Console Edition, is also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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