Rust: Submarines – What You Should Know

Smash sub.

Rust sub
Rust submarine

Submarines are new vehicles added in the August 2021 Underwater update for Rust.

Submarines are useful for exploring the depths around the island, as well as for reaching the Underwater Labs that were also added in the August 2021 update. Underwater Labs act similarly to Bandit Camps, but with optional PVE within the laboratory.

Here’s everything you need to know about Submarines in Rust. Bear in mind this applies to the PC version of the game, not Console Edition.


Where to Buy Rust Submarines

Rust Fishing Villages
Rust Fishing Villages

Rust Submarines do not spawn around the island. Just like other water-based vehicles, they must be purchased from the boat shop at fishing villages, which spawn procedurally around the island.


Rust Submarine Prices

Rust subs
Rust subs

Rust Submarines are available in two different versions, one-man and two-man, with two different prices in terms of Scrap.

Here’s how much each Submarine costs from a Boat Shop:

One-man Submarine: 100 Scrap
Two-man Submarine: 200 Scrap

Scrap is fairly easy to come across in Rust and these aren’t bad prices at all, though you may need to grind some barrels and crates for at least an hour or more before you get enough Scrap.


Rust Submarine Controls and Torpedoes

Rust subs
Rust subs

The basics of controlling a Rust submarine are as follows:

Movement – WASD
Ascend – Sprint
Descend – Crouch
Fire Torpedoes – Left Click

Players are also able to look down in the cockpit to reload the torpedoes, which can be purchased from vending machines or crafted. You will only be able to use these in Submarines.

There are also two different types of torpedoes: direct torpedoes, which fire right ahead of your Sub, and also surface torpedoes, which rise to the surface of water and then speed ahead. Surface torpedoes will be very useful for dealing with enemies in boats above.

UPDATE: as of September 2021’s update, Surface torpedoes are no longer in the game.


What Else You Should Know About Rust Submarines

Rust sonar
Rust sonar

– The two-man Submarine comes with sonar, the one-man does not.

– If you’re a solo player using a two-man Submarine, look behind you to swap seats.

– Submarines decay similarly to other boats in Rust, as they will decay 45 minutes after being unused with it taking 240 minutes if left unused outside to fully decay and disappear, or 180 minutes if in deep water. Store your Submarines in doors to prevent decaying.

– The fuel access is internal in the two-man, external in the one-man. Take Low-Grade.

– Both submarines comes with 12 storage slots.

– Players are able to dock the Submarine in the Underwater Labs by entering through the moon pool. Moon pools show as red dots on sonar in two-man Subs. If you’re solo, look for the lights.

– Players are only allowed to be submerged for ten minutes before they start drowning. This is to curb camping.

Rust is available now for PC.

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