Rust: How To Use Gestures/Emotes

A kind gesture.

Rust Gestures
Rust Gestures

After being included in the game unofficially for a long time, gestures (which everyone is just probably going to call “emotes”) are now properly a thing in Rust.

Arriving as part of the April 2021 update for the game, gesture will allow players to, you guessed it, gesture at each other, which will be handy for anyone who doesn’t have a mic, or for those who want to add extra spice to their toxicity.

You can use gestures in Rust by pressing B and then selecting from the wheel of options that show up. As of the April 2021 update, these include:

Rust gestures
Rust gestures

– Clap
– Friendly
– OK
– Point
– Shrug
– Thumbs Down
– Thumbs Up
– Victory
– Wave

These gestures are free for all to use as soon as the update is live.

All of the gestures have been designed with first-person action in mind, so that the player can see them as well as everyone else. You will notice that a lot of them are left-handed, and that’s because most weapons in Rust are right-handed, so Facepunch wanted to give players the chance to attack with the right while giving the OK symbol with the left, just to be toxic. It is Rust, after all.

It’s great to see gestures finally coming to Rust in an official capacity, and we can’t wait to see the kind of cheekiness players pull off while using them. You can already see all of the nakeds using the friendly gesture and then whipping out the Eoka, can’t you?

Rust is available now on PC.

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