Rust Stables Update: Horses, Prices & What You Need To Know

Saddle up.

Rust Stable Horses

Rust is going through quite another large overhaul in how its mechanics and “economy” works with the arrival of the Stables update in November 2020. Similarly to the Fishing Village update, the Stables update will add another neutral zone to the map that players can trade in.

This is just one of many new updates for what is a very busy month of Rust updates. Elsewhere in the Land of the Nakeds, you will be able to clothe your upper lip for charity, get vehicles for cheaper, and potentially role-play Kevin Costner’s Waterworld.


Rust Stables: How Do They Work?

Rust Stables
Rust Stable

Horses in Stables will now be available in one of two new monuments in Rust:

The Ranch
Large Barn

To purchase a horse, approach the Stable Master and start a conversation, similarly to how you would in another safe zone like Bandit Camp. You will be able to buy a Saddle from him, which can be used to claim one of the horses in the respective monument.

Horse Saddles cost 75 scrap for either monument — here’s how to easily find scrap in Rust. They can be repaired for 10 leather and recycled for 25 leather.

All horses in either The Ranch or Large Barn will have different stats, so be sure to check for each by pressing E on the horse.

As these new monuments are safe zones, you will be able to ride your horse out without worrying about it getting stolen, though beware that other players can hijack it just a short way away from the monument. Buying a saddle does not “lock” the horse to your control alone.

Horses haven’t mechanically been changed as part of the update, but they have had some minor bug fixes. Horses should now be able to eat properly and not get stuck in the terrain quite as frequently.


What Else Is New In the Stables Update?

Rust Telephones
Rust Telephones

After initially being brought to the game with a tonne of issues, the dynamic weather system makes a return to Rust. Players will no experience snow and other volatile conditions with full customisation available to server owners.

Telephones are a new item seemingly introduced solely for griefing. The telephone needs electricity to operate, but once it is activated, players will be able to call up anyone else on the island who has one connected. New Phone Booths at monuments will also allow the same thing.

There is also now a new Taxi Module, which includes glass on the windows and drivers now being able to kick out any passengers they don’t want while driving at low speeds.

And finally, to coincide with Movember, players can now purchase moustaches through Steam or in-game with 100% of profits going to charity.

Rust is a PVP survival game that’s available now for PC. Console versions are due sometime in the future.

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