Rocket Arena Reviews: What The Critics Are Saying

The arena beckons you.

Rocket Arena
Rocket Arena

It might have slipped under your radar, but EA are releasing a multiplayer shooter called Rocket Arena that’s coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A 3v3 shooter, players will take to the world of Crater to explode each other into a million different pieces.

The review embargo for the game has dropped today, and reviews have begun trickling in. The reviews are mostly positive, though there are doubts about the game’s future lifespan. Whether or not Rocket Arena will have what it takes to succeed in the months post-launch remains to be seen, but here’s what the critics have been saying.


Critical Hit – Darryn Bonthuys – 7.5/10

Rocket Arena is a blast with its unique take on explosive arena action, colourful cast and an ambitious game plan, albeit one that plays its payload cards a little too safely.

You can find their review right here.


Screenrant – Alex Santa Maria – 4/5

Rocket Arena is the Super Smash Bros. of shooters, a rollicking close-range explosion party that provides hours of fun. It’s certainly not what some may expect from a shooter fully devoted to rockets, but that unique energy is what makes it stand out in every match. Anyone who can get past the sterile world design will find a competitive deathmatch suite that appeals to would-be rocketeers of all ages.

You can find their review right here.


PCGamesN – Ian Boudreau – 7/10

An accessible, lightweight competitive shooter. Though it’s a little thin in its current state, this is a solid start for what will hopefully become a lively and dynamic game as its season pass gets underway.

You can read their review right here.


GamesRadar+ – Connor Sheridan – 4/5

Rocket Arena turns an old standby into a new take on shooters, and what’s lost in the translation is made up for with easy-to-learn fun.

You can read their review here.


Shacknews – TJ Denzer – 9/10

Rocket Arena is a chaotic fun time with a lot to offer and a wealth of content on the way as can be seen above. The game will feature a Blast Pass with plenty of earnable season goodies (character skins, cosmetics, and other fun non-game affecting goods) throughout a number of planned seasons and more heroes, maps, and game modes are slated for the future.

You can read their review here.

Will you be picking up Rocket Arena tomorrow on PC, PS4 or Xbox One? Sound off in the comments.

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