New Video Shows Xbox Series S Ray Tracing In Watch Dogs: Legion

No, this hasn't been hacked.

Watch Dogs Legion

Footage has emerged online of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen console, utilising ray tracing in Watch Dogs: Legion, make all of the puddles in London look like mirrors. Given how rainy London can be generally, that’s a lot of mirrors. You can check out the ray tracing for yourself in MVGamer’s video at the top of the page.


Ray Tracing, On The Xbox Series S?

Yeah, you better believe. The next-gen lighting feature is able to add more depth to Watch Dogs: Legion’s depiction of London, even at 1080p and 30fps. The Series X version will also have ray tracing, but at 4K/60fps.


Will Ray Tracing On The Series S Become A Normal Thing?

It’s hard to tell. Microsoft have committed to ray tracing being an option on the Series S, even if it presents a significant impact on performance. Still, some developers are opting to omit the feature from the Series S. Capcom have said that ray tracing won’t be available on the S, but it is on the Series X. Only the future will determine whether or not you’ll see more ray tracing on the £250/$300 box of wonders.

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