Fortnite Season 8 Week 9 Challenges: Dances, Chests & More

A few new Fortnite challenges to tide you over.


The Week 9 challenges for Fortnite Season 8 are upon us, and while they are certainly less interesting and time-consuming than last week’s menagerie, there is certainly something here to give even the most seasoned of Fortnite vets cause for pause.

If you have any kind of social life, you may need these challenges to make your way towards tier 100 and the Luxe skin. With Ruin now available to anyone who has completed up to week 8, that’s really the only incentive to keep playing through your Fortnite challenges.

You may not need to rush them, however, especially as it looks like Overtime will be returning.


Fortnite Season 8 Week 9 Free Challenges

Fortnite season 8

Land at Loot Lake [1 Battle Star] Land at Lucky Landing [1 Battle Star] Land at Salty Springs [1 Battle Star] Land at Lonely Lodge [1 Battle Star] Land at Haunted Hills [1 Battle Star]
These are really self-explanatory, though it’s worth remembering that you don’t have to land at these named locations right from the Battle Bus. If you glide in with redeploy or land there with a Quadcrasher, that counts.

Search chests at Polar Peak or Lonely Lodge (7) [5 Battle Stars]
This is going to be monstrous, especially as neither are especially chest heavy. Our tip? Land in the secret crack at Polar and snag the chests at the bottom of the castle.

Ride 3 different Volcano Vents without landing [10 Battle Stars]
One of the easiest challenges ever, just venture around the volcano area and you will have this one done in no time at all. Here are all the vent locations.


Fortnite Season 8 Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges

Fortnite Season 8 2

Dance between three ice sculptures [1 Battle Star]
Dance between three dinosaurs [2 Battle Stars]
Dance between four hotsprings [2 Battle Stars]
Here are the locations for the ice sculptures, dinosaurs,  and hot springs. We’re good to you.

Deal damage to opponents from below (500 damage) [5 Battle Stars]
This one is very situational, but it may be worth boxing up and shotgunning away anyone that tries to enter anyone from above. 500 damage is two and a half kills on fully healed opponents, so bear that in mind.

Revive a teammate at a Reboot Van (1) [10 Battle Stars]
Quite situational this one, but you could technically die from fall damage at the quietest POI (Junk Junction, maybe) from just falling from high ramps and then repeating it while you’re downed by crawling while playing with a friend, who should then respawn you without much fuss. You could then return the favour once you’ve been respawned and have your friend follow the same process. Here’s where you can find all the vans.

Eliminate an opponent in different matches (5) [10 Battle Stars]
If you want this quick, land Tilted or Retail. Remember, though, that you will need to play at least five matches with at least one kill in each of them. They don’t need to be consecutive kills, thank the lord.

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