Fortnite Season 8: Dance Between Four Hot Springs

Hot stuff.

Week 9 of Fortnite Season 8 has touched down, bringing with it a singular interesting challenge for the week.

This challenge is a multi-stage challenge asking you to visit three distinct landmarks and dance between them. As it is a multi-stage challenge, you can only complete one stage per match. The first stage asked you to dance between three ice sculptures and the second requested you to dance between three dinosaurs. As you’re required to dance at the designated locations, you must have a dance equipped to complete the challenge, so be sure to do that before embarking. Though if you’re up to stage three, there is a good chance you’ve completed that step long ago.

Below is a map with the four hot springs circled in red.


Fortnite Hot Springs Location Map

Fortnite Hot springs

Like the last two stages were in ‘newly’ introduced biomes, the final stage is in the newest biome of all, the jungle. You will find the hot springs in the northeastern area of the map, just north of the volcano. Compared to the previous two landmarks this one is very visible even from the map main, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty locating this one. This landmark will be located at G2 on the main map’s grid.


Fortnite Four Hot Springs Locations

Fortnite four hot springs

The four hot springs make a sort of ‘paw print’ pattern when viewed from above, with a very clear central point between them. Simply stand in this spot and hit one of your dances to finish this challenge off entirely.

All in all, a unique and interesting challenge, being a modification of the old ‘landmark’ triangulation treasure hunt, brought up to speed with modern Fortnite’s challenge design. It also has the perk of familiarizing players with the newer areas of the map as all the locations located in the areas that underwent a full revamp. Whether or not this will remain relevant information coming into Season 9 or not, who knows.

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