Fortnite Season 8: Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

Dancing on Ice: Fortnite Edition.

fortnite ice sculptures 1

Fortnite Season 8, Week 9 has landed and with comes a pretty bland week for challenges, except for one interesting multi-stage challenge. This challenges asks you to visit three distinct landmarks (therefore three stages), once per match, very similar to the old ‘landmark’ based treasure hunt challenges.

Remember this is a multi-stage challenge, so you can only do one stage per match. You are also required to bring some kind of dance as using a dance in the correct location is the only way to receive credit. The first stage requires you dance between three ice sculptures, which can be found circled in red on the below map.


Fortnite Ice Sculptures Location Map

fortnite ice sculptures

As you would expect, you’ll find the ice sculptures in the southwestern area of the map in the tundra biome. The ice sculptures themselves are located southwest of Polar Peak in a small forest. This is located on the border of B8 and C8 on the main map’s grid.


Fortnite Ice Sculptures

fortnite ice sculptures

These sculptures have been around since the introduction of the snow biome and have hosted other challenges before. It depicts two player characters engaged in a battle with the Ice King. You need to stand in the centre between all three sculptures and use one of your equipped dances to complete this stage.

The second stage of the challenge requires you dance between three dinosaurs. The third stage asks you to dance between four hot springs. If you’re good at navigating and remember landmarks, this location shouldn’t pose to much of a challenge, otherwise we have every stage detailed in the above links.

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