Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges: Coins, Skins & More

The Fortnite Season 8 Overtime challenges have leaked and promise plenty of free stuff.

Fortnite Season 8

UPDATE: Fortnite Season 8’s Overtime challenges have been confirmed with the release of the first two. There will be no free Battle Pass this time out, it looks like it’s just an excuse to help players get to their Battle Pass limit and get some skins.

Fortnite Overtime challenges

The Overtime challenges will be available until May 9th. Season 9 will presumably be available shortly after.

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Though it’s not been officially confirmed by Epic at this time of writing, it looks like Fortnite Season 8 will be “going long”, just like Season 7 did. We’ve already had our first look at the Overtime challenges, which will presumably go towards unlocking new styles for our Battle Pass skins.

The Overtime challenges below aren’t finalised, so don’t take them as fact just yet. They do seem pretty legitimate and similar to what we had last time out, however. We will be updating this when more become available, almost certainly after we reach “Week 11” of Season 8.


Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges

Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges

Bold challenges are those currently in the game.

Reach Battle Pass Tier 23 [Sidewinder variant “Medusa” 1/2]
Complete Free Overtime Challenges (2) [Sidewinder variant “Medusa” 2/2]
Reach Battle Pass Tier 71 [Ember variant “Fire Elf”]
Reach Battle Pass Tier 87 [Master Key variant]
Collect Coins In Featured Creative Islands (20)
Place Top 10 in Squads with a friend (3)
Deal damage to opponents (1000)
Place Top 15 in duos with a friends (3)
Outlast opponents (500)
Place top 25 in solo (3)

Again, we don’t know much about these, but we will keep you updated when we learn more. We also don’t know if these will lead to a free Battle Pass like they did at the end of Season 7 or if this will just be a good excuse for everyone to catch up with their BP tiers and allow Epic to think of good ideas for Season 9, such as reverting.

Elsewhere in Fortnite, the Avengers madness is currently going down at this time of writing.

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