Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Week 7 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

Week 7 of season 4’s Battle Pass went live a few hours ago. Thursday appears to be holding constant as the season’s new reset day. As per usual, you’ll need the Battle Pass (950 V-bucks) to be able to access and complete these challenges and therefore obtain the rewards therein. Don’t fret if you don’t have the Battle Pass yet, all challenges are retroactive, so you can complete these challenges at a later date. Seeing as we’re half way through the season though, retroactively completing all previous weeks to make it the Omega reward at tier 100 can be time consuming.

Below is a list of the 7 challenges for week 5 and how to complete them.

Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents (250 damage)
Standard damage with X weapon type challenge. This week however is a pickaxe. I groaned when I read this challenge, but there is two ways to speed the process up. If you’re doing it while the challenge is fresh, landing near someone and smacking them with a pick will most likely bait them into a pickaxe duel as they also want to complete the challenge. The longer you wait however, the more and more likely others will have completed the challenge and just run from you. Anyone with experience pickaxing a running target knows it’s borderline impossible. The other and even easier option, is to queue duos/squads and down a player with a gun, build a box around them (for safety!) and pick them while in their downed state. Damage done to downed targets counts towards the total.

Search chests in Risky Reels (7 chests)
Your typical ‘search the chests’ challenge we receive each week. This time the location is another new one called ‘Risky Reels’. Risky Reels isn’t heavily trafficked most of the time, especially considering it has a decent chest density. However, the high chest density is more virtue of its small size, rather than an absurd amount of chests. Therefore, prepare to fight over almost every chest you find, up close and personal.

Consume Hop Rocks, Apples or Mushrooms (20 times)
This is the ‘wildcard’ challenge for the week. Apples, Mushrooms and Hop Rocks are scattered throughout the map. Mushrooms tend to congregate around forests and can’t be used if you have full shields. Apples are generally found around the farms and can’t be used if you’re full health. Hop Rocks are situated around the cratered areas (in the trucks and the like) and can’t be used if you already have the buff from a Hop Rock active. The quickest way to do this one would be either land at the farms and fight (and win), then use the apples to heal yourself. Or land near Tilted Towers and use the mushrooms to get to full shields. Then just repeat each game as necessary to complete the challenge.

Score a goal on different pitches (5 times)
This is the replacement for scavenger hunt style challenge for the week. Presumably in-time for FIFA World Cup FIFA. The objective for this challenge is simple, locate five soccer pitches and try to kick the ball into a goal while people are shooting at you. If you’re interested in where the soccer pitches are located, we have you covered.

Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park
This is the typical treasure hunt based challenge for week 7. Basically identical to week 1’s treasure challenge; find map, follow map, grab treasure, collect Battle Stars. Like the previous weeks, you can skip straight to the treasure if you happen to know where it’s buried. If you’re not much for getting lost (like I am), or want your tiers ASAP, we have you covered.

Assault Rifles Eliminations (5 kills)
Your straightforward kill them with a specific weapon challenge. This week is any gun that fits into the ‘assault rifle’ category. This includes; the ‘Assault Rifle’ (M16/4 and Scar simulacrums), the ‘Burst Rifle’ (AK and FAMAS simulacrums) and both variations of the ‘Scoped Assault Rifle’. This is, theoretically, the easiest of the challenges (outside of possibly shotguns) involving weapon kills to complete. Assaults rifles are prolific and very effective. The trade-off is you need to get five kills, which is the highest of any weapon type so far. It should still take relatively little time compared to the more obscure guns though (LMGs and Miniguns anyone?).

Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts (3 kills)
Your other straightforward kill challenge, but this time based on a location. Identical to every week’s challenge in this category. Shifty Shafts is a moderately trafficked area. Situated close to Tilted Towers means that there is always some kind of action to be had in this location. However, it won’t be packed as Tilted Towers tends to attract the majority. Should only take a few games to complete. Depending on your luck with weapons, of course.

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