Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Follow The Pleasant Park Treasure Map


As seems to be tradition now, every week sports a Battle Pass challenge focused on finding a hidden treasure, which alternate between following a treasure map and searching between three distinct landmarks. This week’s challenge asks you to find a map in Pleasant Park, decipher the location it shows you (usually a crudely drawn rendition of a location, sometimes with a small twist) and ‘dig’ up that treasure for your Battle Pass tier.

Remember, like every ‘find the treasure’ based challenge (that isn’t a ‘Blockbuster’ one), you can skip straight to the location of the treasure if you already know where it is, bypassing the map step entirely. So if you’re not interested in how the treasure is found – or you’re in a hurry – just skip to the final section of the guide. It will have a picture of the treasure location marked on the map as well as a picture of the treasure itself. For those interested in the whole process, read on!


Pleasant Park Treasure Map

Fortnite Pleasant Park treasure map

Pleasant Park actually sports two maps. The first is on the north end of town. Three houses are situated on the northernmost edge of the town, the map is in the centre one (direct north). The map itself is under the stairwell. If you crouch under the stairs you will see the map. This appears as C3 on the main map’s grid.

Pleasant park treasure map
North map

The second map is directly south as well. The soccer/football pitch has a small utility shed south of it. Inside that shed is another map. This appears as C4 on the main map’s grid.

south treasure map
South map

Most maps tend to have a trick to them that makes discovering the location a little less straightforward. Usually, they rotate the map so you’re looking at it from a different perspective or give us a different viewing angle like in Week 5. This week, however, they’ve simply omitted some details from the map. What you’re actually looking at in this images, is the streets of Tilted Towers. They’ve removed two buildings from the map to make it less obvious. So head on over to Tilted Towers.


Tilted Towers Treasure

Tilted Towers treasure

Tilted Towers treasure

The treasure is located on the westernmost edge of Tilted Towers. There is a small hill overlooking Tilted Towers near the two L-shaped buildings. Simply land, or build up to this hill and the treasure will be a tiny bit north of the hill’s Apex (highest point). The treasure is almost exactly situated on the line of D4 and D5 on the main map’s grid. Simply grab the treasure and you’re finished.

Titled Towers treasure

This challenge coupled with the FIFA fever challenge (scoring a goal on different soccer/football fields) are the two guide worthy challenges for the week. If you’re looking for help with the soccer/football challenge, you can check out our guide here. The rest of the challenges are of the typical variety: killing, looting and consuming! If you’re looking for a quick but complete overview of the Week 7 challenges, check out that guide here.

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