Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Score A Goal On Different Pitches – Pitch Locations

With the return of scavenger hunt challenges in week 6, We’ve received another one for week 7, but with a twist. Just in time for the FIFA World Cup fever, Epic Games wants us to locate five soccer/football pitches and score a goal on each.

The rules are relatively simple for this challenge. Locate a pitch and the ball will always spawn in the centre between the two goals. Simply choose a goal and run into the ball to kick it (aiming it can be a pain though). When you succeed, a little bit of fanfare will play and the new challenge UI will let you know that it’s checked it off the list. The ball will the promptly respawn in its original location between the two goals for someone else to attempt a shot. Finally, kicking the ball quite a distance away from the pitch doesn’t seem to cause it to respawn back its original location. Do with that information what you will, but if you can’t mysteriously find the ball, this is probably why.

As you can imagine, if you are attempting this in the week it was released, you won’t just be trying to kick a goal. No, you’ll be trying to kick a goal with bullets flying at you. Some of the more obviously placed pitches (like the large stadiums) can devolve into quite the warzone. So, good luck with that!

Below is a map with all the pitch locations marked as well as screenshots of each individual pitch. There are seven pitches in total (that I could find). So you can choose the five most convenient and go for them.


Map with all pitch locations marked

Soccer Pitches


Container Yard

Container yard

One sneaky pitch is present at the ‘Container Yard’. This area is unnamed on the map and located north of Retail Row, southeast of Tomato Town. On the eastern edge of the container yard is a car park with two open shipping containers acting as the goals. This appears on the border of H4 and H5 on the main map’s grid.


Fatal Fields

Fortnite Fatal Fields pitch

Fatal Fields has converted one of its plantations into a soccer field (complete with scarecrows for players!) in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. The pitch is situated on the northeast corner of the farm. Appears as G8 on the main map.


Flush Factory

Flush Factory pitch

Flush Factory sports a ‘make-shift’ pitch of its own. In the car park on the northwestern edge of Flush Factory sits a small pitch with misused toilets acting as the goals. This appears as D9 on the main map’s grid.


Pleasant Park

Pleasant park pitch

There is a smallish soccer/football pitch in Pleasant Park most should be familiar with. The pitch is situated in both C3 and C4 on the main map’s grid.


Risky Reels

Fortnite soccer pitch

Risky Reels sports a very sneaky soccer pitch of its own. Under the broken cinema screen are two opposing swing sets with the ball appearing underneath said screen. This appears on the border of H2 and H3 on the main map’s grid.


Soccer Stadium

Fortnite soccer stadium

There is a large soccer/football stadium in an unnamed town to the west of Tilted Towers. The pitch itself is inside the largest building in the town. This appears as C5 on the main map’s grid.


World Cup Stadium

World Cup stadium FIFA fortnite

This area was added last in week 6 in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. Very hard to miss being what is essentially a grand stadium. Situated near Junk Junction towards the Northwest area of the map. This appears are C2 on the main map’s grid.

With this challenge out of the way, the only other challenge for the week befitting a guide is the Pleasant Park treasure map. If you’re looking for help with the treasure challenge or just want to speed up the process, check out our guide here. The rest of the challenges follow the same weekly format: killing, looting and this time, consuming! If you’re looking for a quick but complete overview of the Week 7 challenges, check out that guide here.

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