5 Deaths In Fortnite Squads That Make You Want To Cry


Fortnite is a phenomenon. Its mix of intrigue, colour, fun and frustration is one of the most addictive and enjoyable gaming oddities to appear in years. And yet, for the all the joy it brings, it’s a game born out of failure. Unless you’re part of a fully trained SWAT team armed with the luck of a Leprechaun, your squad will rarely taste victory. Thankfully, in most cases, death is deserved and hard to deny; you die because you deserve to die. With that being said, some demises are much harder to take than others. Here are the 5 worst ways to g


The Fall


When it comes to perilous squad battles, height is often the key to victory. Whether it’s building a base to defend against the hordes homing in on your location, or a stairway to heaven to scope out the surrounding area, it’s an essential opportunity that most teams can’t afford to ignore. Unfortunately, like almost any good Fortnite opportunity, it also comes with major risk – fall damage. There are few deaths quite as infuriating as ‘The Fall’. It ignores your skill, loadout and luck, and robs you of all power to defend yourself. On top of that, it’s often made all the worse by the surprise. That feeling of dread as the ground gives way is tragic, particularly when it’s a teammate that’s cheekily sent you falling to your doom.


The Storm Chaser

We’ve all be there, collecting valuable resources, scouring the nearest attic, looking for anything to survive the final battle on the horizon, then you hear it, the storm. It’s not only coming, it’s on you and your squad – and you’re miles away from safety. How did we all miss the signs? Why didn’t anyone say anything? As these questions repeatedly play out in party chats everywhere, the squad desperately attempt to reach safety despite its obvious futility, as each player falls to a death lacking dignity or spectacle, the chatter grows around blame. ‘The Storm Chaser’ is frustrating because it could and should be avoided, there is no excuse for a team of 4 to play a multiplayer co-op game and forget the rules. No excuse.


The Gangbang

Fortnite Battle Royale

Is there anything worse than being stuck in a quiet residential building alone with nothing but the footsteps of a fully geared-up hit squad to keep you company? The anticipation, the knowledge that death is almost certainly around every corner, it’s agonising. Despite screeching at your team mates down the mic, you know full well, there’s little you or they can do. Armed with nothing but a grey pump action shotgun (if you’re lucky), you know you can take one, or maybe even two with a bit of luck, but a team of 4? Unlikely. Dying alone in a cold suburban house as the rest of your team make their way to safety, it’s the feeling of disappointment, that feeling of what could have been that really eats away at you after ‘The Gangbang’.


The Cop Out (AKA The Tilted Towers)

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite is a game of speed, you have to make decisions fast or suffer the consequences. But what if you die before you can make a meaningful decision? That’s ‘The Cop Out’, you’ve chosen where to land, but that’s it, by the time you’ve hit the ground, the best loot has gone and your team is surrounded by squads armed and ready to kick you to the curb. The fun’s over before it even starts. Who doesn’t love dying with nothing but a pickaxe in hand? That’s the dream!


The Showdown

Fortnite Battle Royale
Source: Epic Games

This is it. It all comes down to this. It’s 1v1. Your teammates have fallen and you’re the last remaining survivor. Succeed and you’ll go down in history, fail and your efforts will be all for nothing. ‘The Showdown’ is a rare way to go because it requires such an unusual set of circumstances. The chance of the final battle involving perfectly balanced teams is low, but to only feature two players is almost unheard of. Despite its rarity, it is without a doubt the absolute worst way to go. With your teammates watching, you have a captivated audience desperate for you to succeed, and to let them down at the final hurdle, it’s hard to comprehend. That feeling of failure as the other player snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, it’s heart-wrenching. The despair truly is second to none as you know the opportunity for Victory Royale may not come around again any time soon. The truth hurts, and after ‘The Showdown’, you have to face up to it.

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