Fortnite LEGO: Where To Find Knotroot Wood

Fortnite LEGO
Fortnite LEGO

You might think that your garden variety wood would be enough to let you craft a lot of tools in Fortnite LEGO, but if you want to create the best tools, you’re going to need some sturdier stuff. Knotroot wood sits a tier above regular wood, and will help you craft stronger swords, pickaxes, shovels and more.

If you want to find Knotroot Wood, you’ll need to head into one of the various caves that can found through the world of Fortnite LEGO. Because each world in Fortnite LEGO is generated through random seeds, we can’t tell you where to look to find a cave, though they can be found in the Grasslands biome (and possibly other biomes), and they’re marked on the map with an easily recognisable cave symbol. Just keep exploring, and clearing the fog off your map, and you’ll find a cave before long.

Once inside the cave, you’ll need to find a root that’s sticking out of the wall or the rocks within the cave. Destroying that with your forest axe will need you Knotroot wood, though sometimes you’ll only receive regular wood. Keep chopping the roots down, and eventually, you’ll get what you need. Be careful when exploring caves though, as they’re filled with spiders, scorpions, skeletons and other nasties and can kill you pretty quickly. Bring a sword, possibly also a friend, and keep some torches in your off-hand slot.

Once you’ve claimed your Knotroot Wood, take it back to your village’s Lumber Mill, and you’ll be able to craft rods and planks which can be used to craft even more useful items.

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