Fortnite LEGO: How To Create A Lumber Mill

Fortnite LEGO
Fortnite LEGO

There’s an awful lot of wood to be found in the world of Fortnite LEGO, but until you build a Lumber Mill, you’re limited in the amount of ways you can use it. Fortunately, building a Lumber Mill is one of the easier stations to create in Fortnite LEGO.

In order to build a lumber mill, you first need to build a Crafting Bench. After that, you’ll immediately unlock the recipe for the Lumber Mill, which you can build from anywhere, though you should probably build it within the confines of your village to raise your village level a bit higher. Building a lumber mill costs 8 wood and 15 granite, so it might be worth crafting at least a pickaxe before working on the lumber mill.

Once you’ve crafted and placed your Lumber Mill, you can use it to create rods and planks of the various kinds of wood you find out in your travels. Rods and planks are useful for creating swords, so you’ll need a Lumber Mill if you’re planning on surviving encounters with monsters long term.

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