Bethesda Lose The Plot With Fallout 76 Subscription Pricing

This costs more than the game itself.

Fallout 76

For seemingly no reason other than they can, Bethesda is launching a subscription service for the much-maligned Fallout 76.

Going by the name of Fallout 1st, the service will cost a ballsy £/$12.99, or a still massively expensive $/£99.99 option for one year. It all auto-renews, too.

As for what it entails, Fallout 1st will give players the long requested chance to have private worlds, unlimited places to store junk, exclusive cosmetics and emotes, the ability to use a new fast travel spot and 1650 Atoms each month on top of discounts to spend in the Atomic Shop.

The biggest announcement here is the introduction of private worlds, with the fact that it’s behind a paywall sure to be a beloved decision by the community. In fairness, only one of you needs to be a Fallout 1st subscriber for up to eight people to access the private worlds, but still: not a great look. You are essentially paying extra in a paid game to have the option of playing solo.

Here are just a few of the things less expensive than a Fallout 1st subscription.

– Spotify
– PlayStation Plus
– PlayStation Now
– Xbox Live
– Game Pass
– Amazon Prime
– Origin Access
– EA Access
– Humble Monthly
– A Fortnite Battle Pass every three months
– The good Fallout games
– Fallout 76 itself
– Titanfall 2 (please play it)

To give credit where it’s due, you have to be pretty brave to launch a subscription service for a game that is widely regarded as one of the worst of its generation with enough controversies to make Battlefront II blush barely in the rearview mirror. It wasn’t even a month ago that Bethesda had to recall an edition of the game because of mold.

You can find out more about Fallout 1st here, or find out what we think are the best Fallout games instead.

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