8 Best Moments From E3 2019

All together now: "It's spook-ehhh"

Keanu Reeves

It’s not a leap to suggest that E3 2019 wasn’t the craziest E3 of all time. Surprise announcements were few and far between with us mainly getting updates on already announced games instead. With Sony missing and the next gen in many publishers’ minds, E3 2019 was more of a stopgap but a fun stopgap all the same.

With it fresh in our minds, let’s look back at the best moments from E3 2019, and no: We aren’t just going to copy and paste a YouTube link to Nintendo’s presser, as easy as that would be.


8. They actually went and did it

Just before E3, wild speculation circled about The Witcher 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was mostly laughed off as being almost a technical impossibility, but the mad buggers over at CD Projekt Red only went and actually did it. Sure, even the touched up trailer looks a tad potato-y, but they seem to have somehow pulled it off and that counts for a lot.


7. Project Scarlett announced

A new console announcement should probably be a lot higher here, but the amount of PR waffle and terminology as well as the fact that nothing much was really revealed means that Project Scarlett’s impact was a little more muted. Still if it’s [insert specs and promises that mean nothing here] you want, the announcement had you covered.


6. Green boi

The already announced Halo Infinite would have made a bigger impact at E3 2019 if the theories had been allowed to run wild instead, but the reveal of Chief drifting through space via a wipe of a “frosted over” window was a great moment all the same. Hard not to get excited by that familiar jingle, either.

Let’s finish the fight. Again. Again again.


5. Breath of the Wild sequel

While we already knew that a Zelda sequel was in development (there’s really barely a moment when one isn’t, in truth), the fact that it will be a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild was a huge surprise, especially with so many good memories of that game fresh in the mind. The trailer is creepy as hell as well, and seems to confirm a big bad not staying dead.


4. Good boi

It’s genuinely hard to get excited for live service games these days, so Ubisoft had a trick up their sleeve for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint — a damn wonderful dog. Bam-Bam was one of the best bois of E3 overall, and we can’t wait to find out how to adopt him. The Punisher was there too, but yeah — dog.

What’s the game about again? Ghosts?


3. Ikumi Rules

Move aside every other developer in the world, Ikumi Nakamura is our new god now. The excellently awkward but also super confident creative director for GhostWire: Tokyo charmed the whole crowd during Bethesda’s presser. Shinji Mikami couldn’t have picked anyone more endearing to pass the baton down to.

All together now:

“It’s spook-ehhh”


2. Smash Banjo

It says something about the mad appeal of Smash and Banjo that a DLC announcement was probably the most rapturously received news from all of E3 2019. The reveal was nothing short of inspired, getting the Duck Hunt buggers to momentarily troll before revealing that they were really back on the Nintendo brand after years — and let’s not mince words here — wasted with Microsoft.

Grant Kirkhope is also doing the music, so yeah: childhood memories inbound.


1. Keanu “Breathtaking” Reeves

The internet’s favourite human was a very smart few million dollars spent by CD Projket Red to get him involved with Cyberpunk 2077. While Keanu’s role as Mr. Fusion is still shrouded in mystery, there was no doubt as to the Xbox crowd’s feelings as the real Reeves sauntered out. A pretty “breathtaking” moment, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Wait, isn’t Lady GaGa supposed to be in this too?

What was your favourite moment from E3 2019? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, but not before you check out our video featuring the best trailers from the show.

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