You Will Soon Be Able To Play As Link In Super Mario Maker 2

And rest assured, Tingle is nowhere to be seen in the new update.

Super Mario Maker 2 will be receiving a free new update on December 5, and it will allow you to play as Link from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series.

The update will include the Master Sword from the Zelda franchise as a new power up item, and touching it will transform Mario into Link. As the video below explains, this new look won’t jut be for show, as you’ll also be able to use Link’s combat abilities against enemies. Some of the moves we saw on display include using the Master Sword for dash and down thrust manoeuvres, deflecting projectiles with the Hylian Shield, and aiming and shooting with Link’s bow and arrow. Similarly, the classic bombs from The Legends of Zelda series can also be used to destroy obstacles blocking your path.

The update’s multiplayer mode will features up to four different link’s all wearing different coloured tunics, reminiscent of the Four Swords Adventures games. And yes, before you ask, classic Zelda music and sound effects will be heard when you play as Link.

Other new features in the December 5 update will be include the introduction of several new enemies and items, and a new dash block which allows you to leap long distances at great speeds over environments. There will also be a brand new Ninji Speedrun mode where you can race through new courses created specifically by Nintendo, with winners receiving stamps and new costumes for their Miis, in addition to having gold stars appear around their Miis to signify their achievements. It sounds like Nintendo fans will have no excuse not to download this free update on December 5. Especially since we awarded Super Mario Maker a near-perfect score in our review, and we wouldn’t hesitate to call it one of the best games of 2019.

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