Weekend Box Office: Jurassic Falls, Newcomers Exceed

jurassic world
Source: Universal

Yeah, blockbusters are cool and all, but, like, the little guy, people. Don’t forget them. Thankfully, we’ve had two mid-budget flicks fare well this weekend, capping off a most successful June that earned a whopping $1.03 billion.

Remaining at top perch, Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom fell -58.8% to gross $60.9m in its sophomore frame, totaling $265.7m. That’s a strong tally for the $170m-$187m-budgeted sequel, even if it’s trailing -34.1% behind 2015’s Jurassic World (fun fact: that movie didn’t drop greater than -50% until its ninth weekend) at the same point in release, an ever-increasing gap. Maintaining that margin from here gives Fallen Kingdom a $430m final haul, but coming in under $400m is looking more likely each day. Not that that’s a terrible thing – Universal’s still making a shitload of cash off this.

Overseas, Fallen Kingdom roared up $56.1m from 68 markets in its fourth frame of international release. Cume is $669.2m and global is $934.9m, with $1 billion well on the horizon. Top markets for our dino pals are China ($237.1m), the U.K. ($46m), South Korea ($43.9m), Mexico ($24m), and France ($23m).

Keeping steady in second, Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2 dropped -42.2%, a bit lighter than its superhero movie-esque and not quite animated movie-esque second weekend decline. Incredibles earned $46.42m for a $440.6m cume, just around $46m away from eclipsing 2016’s Finding Dory to become the highest-grossing animation ever in the U.S./Canada. Assuming it holds fine from here, expect Incredibles to wrap up around $550m.

Internationally, the Brad Bird-helmed film added $44.3m from 36 markets for a $208.25m total. Global is $648.85m as this slowly but surely crawls to $1 billion (repping the fourth film of the year to hit the coveted milestone). Top markets for Incredibles 2 are China ($40.8m), Mexico ($30.1m), Australia ($19.2m), Russia ($13.1m), and Argentina ($8.6m).

Debuting in third, Sony’s Sicario: Day of the Soldado performed fairly well, earning $19.01m from 3,055 hubs ($6,222 per-theatre average), marking a +36.1% increase over the first Sicario‘s $12.15m wide debut back in 2015. That movie went on to earn $46.89m off rave reviews. While Soldado isn’t as acclaimed, somewhere over $50m is a safe bet at this point. Chalk up this performance to goodwill from the first movie plus an emphasis on Benicio del Toro’s intriguing character. A more action-y orient probably didn’t hurt, either (and a reasonable $35m production cost).

Overseas, Day of the Soldado grossed $8.3m from 55 markets for a $27.29m global debut. When factoring in current rates, Soldado is pacing +14% ahead of its predecessor, as per Deadline. Key openings include South Korea ($1.2m), Australia and New Zealand ($976k combined), and the U.K. ($944k).

Opening in fourth, Lionsgate’s Uncle Drew scored $15.24m from 2,742 venues ($5,559 per-theatre average). Not bad for a Pepsi commercial adaptation and probably a record of some sort. Basketball movies tend to do, uh, not good with a $27.49m average for wide releases, but throw in an appealing cast, an amusing premise (again, fucking Pepsi commercial adaptation) as a lower-key counter-programming option, and you have something that fits nicely against the grain here. Over $40m is a reasonable ballpark range (pun?) for Uncle Drew, a healthy number for the $17m-$19m-budgeted flick.

There are no international numbers to report for Uncle Drew.

Ocean's 8

Rounding out the top five, Warner Bros.’ Ocean’s 8 continued to hold nicely, grossing $8.33m (-27.8%) in weekend number four. Domestic tally for the $70m ensemble heist flick is $115m and it’ll end up as the second-highest grossing movie in the Ocean’s franchise domestically (not adjusted for inflation) once it clears $125m.

Overseas, Ocean’s 8 earned $13.8m from 62 markets. International and global cumes are $95.7m and $210.7m, respectively. Top markets are Australia ($11.3m), South Korea ($10.4m), the U.K. ($9m), Mexico ($6.1m), and Brazil ($4.9m).



6. Tag (Warner Bros.) – $5.88 million (-28.7%), $41.13m cume
7. Deadpool 2 (Fox) – $3.57 million (-32.2%), $310.47m cume
8. Sanju (Fox International) – $2.72 million (NEW)
9. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Disney) – $2.69 million (-40.4%), $207.67m cume
10. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Focus) – $2.42 million (+33.0%), $7.62m cume

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