Weekend Box Office: Avengers Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Avengers Infinity War

I suppose we have to hand it to Marvel for staking opening records like nobody’s business – 2002’s Spider-Man became the first movie to cross $100 million in its opening weekend; 2007’s Spider-Man 3 (a movie that shouldn’t be associated with any record, but whatever) became the first movie to cross $150 million; 2012’s The Avengers became the first movie to cross $200 million, and this weekend’s Avengers: Infinity War became the first movie to cross $250 million. Here’s betting Frog-Man will be the one to hit $300 million.

Anyhoo, Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War stormed into 4,474 venues over the weekend, the second-widest release ever (behind Universal/Illumination’s Despicable Me 3, if you want to chew on that for a bit), grossing a jaw-dropping $257.7 million. That easily surpasses 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($247.97m debut) for the #1 opening in cinematic history and is well ahead of the first Avengers ($207.44m debut), the previous MCU high.

Infinity War marked a +25.8% increase over the debut of 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191.27m) and a +30.5% increase over 2016’s Captain America: Civil War ($179.14m), which was arguably the lead-in predecessor to Infinity War. Of course, there’s this February’s behemoth Black Panther ($202m debut) as well, which Infinity War leaped ahead by +21.7%. Why such noticeable increases, especially against the previous Avengers film? Many a thesis will pour in over the coming weeks, dissecting exactly why Infinity War is as huge as it is, but the reason, I think, is somewhat simple: we’ve had a decade of quality films leading to a cinematic event on a scale unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Plus, people have clearly taken to Infinity War. As of this writing, the movie has a 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (avg. critic score being 7.5/10 from >270 reviews) and a 93% audience score (avg. rating being 4.6/5 from >30,000 ratings), as well as a glowing 9.0/10 score on IMDb from >174,000 ratings (for now, it’s the #9 top rated movie ever on the site). Mix that with the film’s “A” rating from CinemaScore polls, record Saturday and Sunday grosses ($82.13m and $69.23m, respectively), a few weeks of relatively barren competition until Fox’s Deadpool 2, and things are looking bright as hell for Infinity War. The final tally is anybody’s guess, but if we see legs like Civil War (2.28x) that gets us $587.55m. That’s the lowest end, probably. Legs like Age of Ultron (2.4x) gives $618.48m; legs like the first Avengers (3.01x) gives $775.67m, and legs like Black Panther (3.41x and counting) lands Infinity War at $879m+. The average of those projections is $715.2m (a fair figure, I believe), but we can anticipate a reasonable range of $650m-$750m+.

Overseas, Avengers: Infinity War roped in a gigantic $382.82m from 52 markets, representing 72% of the international footprint, for a $640.52m global debut, speeding (sorry) through the previous opening high from last year’s The Fate of the Furious ($541.9m, which had Chinese grosses included). Infinity War set Hollywood debut records in 17 of its markets this weekend and its overall international haul is pacing +47% ahead of Age of Ultron ($946.4m final total). Top openings for Infinity War are the U.K. ($41.4m, third-highest debut ever, highest Saturday gross ever), South Korea ($39.2m, highest opening ever), Mexico ($25.4m, highest opening ever), Australia ($23.2m, second-highest opening ever), and Brazil ($19.1m, highest opening ever). Other notable hauls include India ($18.6m), whose gross places Infinity War as the sixth-highest grossing Hollywood title ever already, and France ($17.7m) and Germany ($14.7m) notched the highest superhero openings ever in their markets. As for China, Infinity War launches in the lucrative territory on May 11th and presales are skyrocketing as per a Chinese box office tracker, suggesting a $160m+ debut in the market. All in, we could be looking at the next $2 billion worldwide grosser.

Also, Infinity War’s global debut is $17m off from Justice League‘s lifetime global haul, if that gives you any pleasure.

Aaaand a bit further down in second, Paramount’s A Quiet Place held its own rather well, declining -47.1% to add $11m in its third frame. Domestic total for the John Krasinski-directed horror flick is $148.53m, pacing +18.8% of 2013’s The Conjuring at the same point in release. A similar performance from here grants Quiet Place a $163.2m final haul, but $175m-ish is more likely, placing it as the fourth-highest grossing supernatural horror movie ever.

Internationally, A Quiet Place grossed $6.6m from 57 markets for a $87.2m haul. Global for the $17m flick is $235.73m. Top markets are the U.K. ($14m), Australia ($8m), Mexico ($7.2m), Brazil ($6m), and Russia ($4.3m, pending update).

In third, STX’s Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty earned $8.18m (-49%) in its sophomore frame for an alright $29.62m haul. That decline is stronger than Schumer’s last film, 2017’s Snatched (-59.9%), which is a little more impressive when considering this had to contend with Infinity War’s arrival. Still, I Feel Pretty is playing -10.3% behind Snatched at the same point in release, indicating it likely won’t get much farther than that film’s $45.85m final tally. Not great for a movie with a $32m production budget.

Overseas, I Feel Pretty has earned $5.1m from 3 markets, led by Australia ($4.5m). Global total is $34.7m.

Rampage movie

Dipping to fourth, Warner Bros.’ Rampage took a tumble in the face of Avengers, declining -64.1% for $7.21m in its third frame. Domestic tally for the Dwayne Johnson flick is $78.03m and it stands as the fifth-highest grossing video game adaptation ever (not a high bar, but it’ll take what it can get). Rampage’s odds of crossing $100m are slim at this point, but perhaps it can pass 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ($90.76m) to take #3 on the game adaptations list.

Internationally, Rampage has been saving face (it helps the movie cost a reasonable $120m to produce) and it gathered $16.2m from 61 markets this weekend. Overseas and global tallies are $257.1m and $335.13m, respectively. Top territories for Rampage are China ($127.2m), Mexico ($11.5m), South Korea ($11.1m), the U.K. ($11m), and Malaysia ($6.8m).

black panther

Here’s a thing. Rounding out the top five is Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther, which fell a light -4% (and jumped up from #8) in correspondence with Infinity War, certainly benefiting from the latter film’s hype and the opportunity for double showings. Black Panther earned $4.74m over the weekend in its eleventh frame for a gargantuan $688.36m domestic tally. There’s a fine chance this’ll pass the $700 million milestone, a feat that would be doubly impressive if Infinity War were to achieve the same.

There are no international updates for Black Panther, but if you’re curious, the film stands at a $645.3m overseas cume and $1.333 billion globally, just eclipsing Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($1.332 billion).



6. Super Troopers 2 (Fox) – $3.73 million (-75.4%, oof), $22.21m cume
7. Truth or Dare (Universal) – $3.27 million (-58.1%), $35.37m cume
8. Blockers (Universal) – $2.98 million (-56.5%), $53.25m cume
9. Ready Player One (Warner Bros.) – $2.56 million (-65.4%), $130.81m cume
10. Traffik (Lionsgate) – $1.65 million (-58.0%), $6.79m cume

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