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Great White Shark Location

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Just when you think it’s safe to fish in the water in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along come a load of different sharks.

From June 1st until September 30th, there are four different species of shark up for grabs in New Horizons in the northern hemisphere, all of them less likely to spawn than a normal fish. They are all rare fish with one of them, the Great White Shark, being among the most valuable and rarest fish in the whole game.

All of the sharks are of a similar size, which is equivalent to a Sea Bass, and they all have fins that stick out of the water to help distinguish them from the rest of the fish. In addition, all of them apart from one spawn during the later hours of the day.

With there being eighty different fish to catch in New Horizons, you will need to hunt down these sharks to complete your Critterpedia. Here’s everything you need to know.

Great White Shark
Whale Shark
Saw Shark
Hammerhead Shark


New Horizons Sharks

Great White Shark

NameLocationTime of DayPriceC.J. PriceSeasonality
Great White SharkSea4PM-9AM15000 Bells18000 BellsJune-September

The Great White Shark is the rarest shark of all of them, so make sure you bring lots of bait and patience. It unfortunately will not fit into a normal display tank, so you may be better off selling it at Nook’s Cranny for a huge amount of Bells after donating it to Blathers the first time around.


Whale Shark

NameLocationTime of DayPriceC.J. PriceSeasonality
Whale SharkSeaAll Day13,000 Bells15,600 BellsJune-September

The Whale Shark is the largest fish in the entire game, which is reflected in its value. It’s different to all of the other sharks in that spawns all day and night, and it’s also a herbivore. It will not fit into a regular display tank, unfortunately.


Saw Shark

NameLocationTime of DayPriceC.J. PriceSeasonality
Saw SharkSea4PM-9AM12,000 Bells14,400 BellsJune-September

The Saw Shark is one of the sharks in New Horizons that’s perhaps the least well known, but it’s still one of the most lucrative fish to catch across the whole game. It’s fairly rare and fetches quite a lot of Bells once sold, but it will also fit into a normal display tank if you want to show it off in your home.


Hammerhead Shark

NameLocationTime of DayPriceC.J. PriceSeasonality
Hammerhead SharkSea4PM-9AM8,000 Bells10,000 BellsJune-September

The Hammerhead Shark is the goofiest and least valuable of all of the sharks in New Horizons, but it seems to be around the same rarity. It goes for a decent amount of Bells at Nook’s Cranny, though if you want to keep hold of one, it will fit snugly into a normal size display tank.

So, here’s the thing about all of the sharks: they are a nightmare to catch. Not only do they not spawn that often at all due to their rarity, they are also really keen on not hanging around on your hook. It’s going to take you hours upon hours of hard work and dedication to catch them.

There’s one outlier amongst all of these: the Suckerfish. This common fish also has a fin, but doesn’t qualify as a shark. Considering how it’s far more common than the actual fish, expect to catch plenty of them on your hunt for sharks.

As with all fish in the game, you will need at least a Flimsy Fishing Rod to catch these sharks. If you’re struggling to find them, don’t forget to scare away any normal fish and then return a little while later, or use bait that you can craft from Manila Clams to make the chance of spawn higher.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is out now exclusively for Switch, is going to shark its way into your life and eat it all up. From our review:

“New Horizons is a great continuation of an already fantastic series of games, and paying back Tom Nook’s loan has never been so fun.”

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