Poem of the Week: ‘Cariñoso Asesinato’ by Ashlie Allen

Poem of the Week

2nd Place
‘Mistaken State’ by Andy Brown

they did not know they were mistaken
their definition could never be shaken
said what we had done had been barred
crashed in, tooled up in a builder’s yard
seems they only take delight to maim
did they really need to shine that aim?
little red dots appear so unnerving
no choice gave to bullet-swerving
begun by an ad in the Evening Post
then all kicked off when their ghost
of reality blurred our truthful force
found in building section of course
but then became a national matter
wordy-wise within internet chatter
magnified atop a Cheltenham desk
regional threat, considered no less
flag not Islamic State but Kernow
our only receipt of ills we know
was never fundamental subversion
for god’s sake…fucking loft conversion

How were we to know they would be so literal eh?
How could they ever think that would be our way?
Did they really think that our vowels and consonants could ever sway?
Of course conversion got repeated, it was what made our business pay

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